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Pound The Road With Asics Indicate…

It has been a hard few months for me when it comes to getting out running. After having a month off  from running with ill health, I knew it was going to be a long slow process getting back into regular running again.

I had a complete month away from all exercise and it gave me chance to think about training and eating healthier. I realised how much I love running and need to base any other training around this. I really want to be the best runner I can be for my age and lifestyle. 

School holidays are not the easiest time to start back however!. My puppy gets me up in the night and I like to take my children out in the day, so feeling fresh for a run has taken a back seat.  My plan was to get into a proper routine from September, this was until  ASICS got in touch with me about their new campaign, Pound The Road.

A few weeks ago Asics kindly sent me a pair of  Indicate shoes to try out. Just what I needed to get me out running again! A few days later my beautiful pink ( you know I love pink ) trainers arrived on my doorstep.

I quickly ripped open the packaging, untied the laces and popped them on. A perfect fit. Also a perfect time to try out on a run! 

I was worried about sizing as I had some size 7’s Asics earlier this year and they felt a little tight around the toes. As I love most exercise I do wear trainers quit often, I don’t have the slimiest of feet either! So this time I went for a size bigger and went for a UK 8. These fit absolutely perfect. In fact I have wore them everyday since. They feel so comfy.

About the ASICS Indicate Shoes:

  • The new GEL-INDICATE has a Fluid Ride mid-sole made of 2 cushioned layers – giving you much more comfort and improved support.
  • The Guidance Line technology guides your foot from impact through to push-off. That gives you a more efficient and comfortable running style.
  • These trainers cut down irritation with less stitching in the upper
  • The Indicate shoes are for longer runs, providing you with more support when pounding the streets.
  • The Indicate is exclusive to Intersport, and is in stores now.
  • £90.00

My thoughts on the Asics Indicate trainers:

These trainers look and most importantly feel great. First impression was how well cushioned they felt. They feel light and responsive yet offer excellent cushioning. I have done short fast (for me!) runs, also some longer slower runs. In both cases the trainers have responded well. Often I have found trainers are good for one or the other.

 Having the next size up worked well for me as there is plenty of room in the toe box, even when my feet get hot. My feet feel snug. I love pink trainers so if I was buying some in the shops I would notice these straight away.( Colours are so important!!)

On my first run I wore them going 11 minutes a mile and they felt very supportive. The next run was at Parkrun going 9 minutes a mile and I noticed how they felt light and respoonsive. Each time offering excellent comfort and cushioning.

I love these trainers and could do every run in these!

Thinking about it, these maybe my most comfortable pair to date!! When I did both my marathons, my knees went at around the half way mark. I think these would be a perfect pair for training and racing a marathon. I just need to get a YES from next years London Marathon now. Fingers crossed the odds are slim, but my name is in the ballot..

About this post :

I have been sent these Asics trainers for review and to be a part of the #PoundTheRoad campaign. I was not paid for this post and all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Hard to beat a great pair of running shoes, a wonderful opportunity to get back into your running #TriedTested

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