Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter.

To celebrate the launch of Sarenza new Autumn/winter collection they are giving blogger’s the chance to enter a competition to win up to £800 of fashion items .

How exciting!!

Who does not love shoes!?

I know I do!

They will pick the 15 most exciting review and feature then on the Sarenza blog.

Sarenza are the largest UK online shoe retailer with a range of more than 350 brands originating from France but now expanding across Europe.

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter:

They want people in the UK to show what Great British Style is.

I love shoes and how better to share my sense of style!

As a mum of 4 my style will be different to a lot of the great fashion blogs out there.

Hay hoo it would be a boring world if we all picked the same, wouldn’t it!?

This is my imaginary £800-00 worth of footwear:

Just for myself and this is what they would look like. Hehe.

How trendy would I look on the school run in these? £131.75

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

This look great they remind me of the boots Madonna wore in Desperately Seeking Susan. £63.75

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

Love the platform shoe/boot. £67-00

Trendy and flat,love these. £85-00

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

Wow,wow,wow I have always wanted a pair of these big deep breath. £75-60

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

Very fashionable at the minute. £109-65

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter

I love my polka dots and these are great. £70-56

Very nice. £114-54

And not forgetting these as I buy at least 6 pairs a year.


A grand total of £785.85 

Well I can dream can’t I.

What would you buy with £800?

Entering a competition, just for fun and in hope to win these shoes!!

Pure British Style! Celebrating Autumn/Winter.

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    25 October 2011 / 16:47

    These are so nice. I love the ones above the tennis shoes. Cute cute. Stumbling hop 🙂 I hope I'm doing the hop right. It said I have to give you a category so I'm trying to figure out what I need to use. Grandma's (dorkie ones like me) should not be allowed on the computer ha ha.

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    28 September 2011 / 10:54

    Just dropping by real quick to check in and say hello. I love those boots! Where are they at? Online or in a store? (the ones with the fur on them & they are brown) I love quirky stuff like that!Mary

  11. Teresa Wilkinson 1984
    27 September 2011 / 23:40

    Now I am hungry for a closet again. Oh how I miss shoes.

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    27 September 2011 / 09:47

    Just dropping in from a blog hop. As an expat living in Tuscany and working in fashion, all I can say is fashion is truly in the eye of the beholder – so your collection looks great.

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    26 September 2011 / 10:08

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    25 September 2011 / 06:48

    great picks!!!

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    25 September 2011 / 01:41

    Cute and wonderful colors. I liked them all!

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    24 September 2011 / 18:54

    LOVE all your choices! x

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    24 September 2011 / 17:22

    A wonderful variety of shoes Clairejustine! I really enjoy your Blog and therefore I am happy to pass on the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD to you. You can get more details on my Blog. Take care and all the best. Judy

  23. Felicia
    24 September 2011 / 15:45

    OMG I must have the polka dot booties!!! And those booties with the red flower thing on them. To die for! Hell who am I kidding I want all of them. How much does that translate into American dollars?

    24 September 2011 / 12:42

    Shoes of any sort of my addiction! Such cute boots:)