Rainbow Noodles With Chilli Peanut Sauce

Recipe and photography by Meridian Foods.
Rainbow Noodles With Chilli Peanut Sauce

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Rainbow Noodles with Chilli Peanut Sauce – This colourful noodle dish is bursting with flavour and natural goodness. It is perfect for families and a great start to getting your five a day.

Rainbow Noodles with Chilli Peanut Sauce:

(Gluten and Dairy Free, Vegan).

Serves: 4

Takes: 20 minutes

What You Need:

2tbsp Meridian peanut butter

1tbsp soy or Meridian tamari sauce

1tbsp palm sugar

1-2 red chillies, finely diced

200ml hot vegetable Stock

2 tbsp nut oil

1 banana shallot, finely sliced

1 clove garlic, finely chopped

One red pepper, finely sliced

A yellow pepper, finely sliced

1 carrot, sliced into ribbons with a veg peeler

2 handfuls soya beans (frozen is fine)

4-5 broccoli florets, finely sliced

Large handful of rainbow chard (or other leafy greens) finely sliced

500g fresh egg or gluten-free noodles, such as soba noodles

1 lime

Rainbow Noodles With Chilli Peanut Sauce

What You Do:

1.) Firstly, in a bowl combine the Meridian Peanut Butter, soy, palm sugar, chillies and hot stock. Stir to make a smooth sauce then set aside.

2.) In a large frying pan or wok heat the oil till smoking hot. Cook the shallots, garlic and all the vegetables, apart from the chard, stirring continuously for 5 minutes until everything starts to soften.

3.) Add in the noodles and chard and tip over half of the peanut butter mixture, stir well to coat everything and heat through.

4.) Divide between four bowls, squeeze over some lime juice and drizzle with the remaining dressing.

Cook’s tip:

Add prawns or chicken for an extra protein hit. 

Recipe and photography by Meridian Foods.

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