Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try

Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try

Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try. Hello friends. Happy Saturday. So do you fancy making this Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail drink recipe out?

These are all served up in some cool Pyrex Measure and Shake glassware. So how much fun?

So what is a mocktail? A mocktail is a cocktail without any alcohol in it. Instead of acholic you can use thing’s like fruit juices, tonic water and sodas, fruit infused waters or any other non-alcoholic ingredients. By mixing these to the right ratios, provide lots of tasty flavours.

This is a lovely refreshing drink which can be given an added sparkle for the festive period with the addition of gin or vodka.

How To Make Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail:

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Product: Pyrex Measure and Shake


50g fresh raspberries, crushed

75ml Elderflower cordial

200ml Cranberry juice

250ml pressed apple juice

How To Make A Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try:

1. Firstly, place all of the ingredients into the Measure and Shake, insert the lid and shake well.

2. Last but not least, serve in 2 glasses with lots of ice.


Try adding vodka or gin for a cocktail, add fresh blueberries for a really fruity drink.

Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try

Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try:

Recipe c/o Pyrex. So what do you think of these Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail’s all served up in some Pyrex Measure and Shake glassware? Fun aren’t they?

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Raspberry, Apple And Elderflower Mocktail To Try

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