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Relax with Rennie: How Do You Relax?

Relax with Rennie.

This post is in conjunction with Rennie but all thoughts are my own.

Hello, again friends. How is your week going so far?

Are you rushing around like mad? Are you so busy you have not got time to think properly? Maybe you are stressed out by taking too much on at once?

Or maybe you’re having a nice and relaxing & chilled out week?

Fancy taking five minutes out of your day to try out some fun new ways to relax?

Relax with Rennie
Relax with Rennie

Today I have teamed up with Rennie’s to try out and share some relaxation techniques from around the world.

A weekend break or maybe the upcoming Easter holidays could be a great time to take a respite from the stresses and strains of life. Having some nice rest and relaxation with a little bit of me time.

Who doesn’t like to have some time for themselves? I know I do!! (It does not happen often though)
– but you don’t have to go abroad to sample some of the best – and strangest – relaxation techniques from around the world.

Rennie’s have compiled a list of ways to relax and here are a few of my favourite ways to relax from their list:

(You can find the full list of how people relax all over the world here: Relax with Rennie.)

Relax with Rennie
Relax with Rennie

They say:

The UK Love To Relax By Spending Time Outside:

Whoo, I agree with this one.

One of my favourite ways to relax is by going out for a nice long walk with Mollie The Collie.

It is a good job we both enjoy spending time outside as we go out walking for around two to three hours a day.

I love to stroll through the park and woods with her.

Nothing more than relaxing than breathing in the fresh air and planning my day on our walks.

I usually think of lots of good blog post ideas on my walks too. Then I forget them when I get home. Need to start walking with a dictaphone!!

I have missed our walks this past week. {She has a poorly paw at the minute but hopefully back out again walking soon}.

Another one of my favourite way to relax outside is a nice early cup of coffee in the garden. (Although that hasn’t happened for a while, with all this terrible weather we have had. Soon though hopefully.)

It is hard to beat sitting down in the early morning sunshine, drinking coffee and listening to the birds tweeting. A nice way to pop a smile on your face.

Relax with Rennie

They Say:

In Greece They Like To Relax By Having Quiet Time:

In Greece, they like to relax by having quiet time or maybe even take a nice nap in the daytime.

Between the hours of 3-5pm, it is classed as quiet time.

During these official quiet hours, you are not allowed to have loud music or make noise. Roadwork, construction or other kinds of work also cease in respect to this long-standing ritual.

Sometimes a nap in the afternoon can make you feel a lot better if you are feeling stressed and tired. I love nothing more than a power nap if I have have been to the gym in the morning.

They Say:

In The USA They Like To Relax By Doing Nothing:

Sounds good to me.

Sometimes I like to just chill and look into the clouds, relax watching my favourite TV shows or just simply being alone with my thoughts for a while.

Sometimes a five-minute tea break can make you feel better.

Relax With Rennie:

Have you ever suffered from heartburn, indigestion or trapped wind? I know I use to get heartburn really bad when I was pregnant and sometimes get indigestion when I have eaten too much.

Many adults suffer from at some point in their lives. Symptoms range from the pain or discomfort of indigestion to the burning chest pain of heartburn and the bloated stomach caused by trapped wind.

The symptoms may be triggered by what you eat, how you eat or due to a busy, stressful lifestyle. You can find out more Acid Reflux.

*Rennie is a range of fast-acting, effective treatments that help to relieve heartburn and indigestion so you can get on with your life. Rennie comes in a wide range of flavours and packs. It is a tried and trusted remedy for more than 85 years.

About this post:

This post is in conjunction with Rennie but all thoughts are my own.

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40 comments so far.

40 responses to “Relax with Rennie: How Do You Relax?”

  1. Beth @ BethinaBox.com says:

    I relax by reading a good book. Curling up with my Kindle is like heaven in a tablet. 🙂

  2. Our bucket List Lives says:

    Haha! Can you not take your phone on your walls and jot down your ideas? I am guilty of never finding any time for myself. You have inspired me to do this soon

  3. Tamar SB says:

    Time for yourself is so important!

  4. Rhian Westbury says:

    I like to relax by doing very little, a relax in bed or on the sofa with something like a movie/ TV show on, or with a good book x

  5. NmDiaries says:

    I love my own time – solitude is everything to me! I like to relax by painting with some music on in the background! If I can't get to my paints then I would read or at least try to write in my journal! Me time is the best time! http://www.nmdiaries.com

  6. Helen J says:

    I got pretty bad heartburn when I was pregnant, so relied on products like Rennie for some comfort!

  7. Talya says:

    Taking time out to relax is so important. As someone who has suffered with terrible indigestion periodically I can safely say that relaxing is very important to our wellbeing interesting to see how different countries have different takes on relaxing.

  8. Melanie Williams says:

    Haha yes I am manic busy…A stroll to the park or woodland walk is a great way to chill out x

  9. Cardiff Mummy Says says:

    I love the Greek idea of quiet time between 3 and 5 – that’s usually chaos for me with school runs, after school activities and teatime. A nap instead would be lovely!

  10. Mandi - Hex Mum Plus 1 says:

    Early morning sunshine, with a nice cuppa is amazing. We love to take our Merrie out for lovely long walks too, nothing better. (Big Dog Little Adventures).

  11. Joanna Victoria -x says:

    My Favourite way to relax is by reading a book. I find I enjoy being outdoors a lot more when the weather is much nicer though and enjoy a walk.

  12. Sonia Cave says:

    Relaxation is something I do not make enough time for. For the first time since our daughter was born (she's 10 and we have 6 year old twins) I am off away for 2 nights with a friend of sheer relaxation and sleep in 2 weeks and I can't wait

  13. Life Unexpected says:

    I always make sure I take time out to relax nowadays (I found that out the hard way). The idea of a cup of coffee in the garden sounds perfect for me. My relaxation time is usually a walk though, or reading my book. x

  14. Battle Mum says:

    I like to relax with a cuppa and my Kindle. Doesn't happen very often mind you!

  15. Stella Olojola says:

    I needed to read this article. I am currently so stressed out. Looking forward to my holiday next month. Will try some of these tips.

  16. Our Fairytale Adventure says:

    I love taking walks while in the UK to relax. I also love getting cosy with a book and a cup of hot chocolate in the evenings.

  17. Kara Guppy says:

    I find a brisk walk nice and relaxing, especially if its by the sea

  18. Newcastle Family Life says:

    I love relaxing with a coffee first thing in the morning. I also like to have a nice relaxing bubble bath x

  19. Lauretta C Wright says:

    Alone time to relax and put yourself together is definitely important for everyone.

  20. Stephanie Moore says:

    I love getting out with my dog too, sets me up for the day

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