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Remember Blur vs Oasis?: Time Tunnel Tuesday

Remember Blur vs Oasis?: Time Tunnel Tuesday.

Over at Pinkoddy’s blog their is a new fun blog hop called Time Tunnel Tuesday.

Remember Blur vs Oasis?: Time Tunnel Tuesday:

“Simple post up some music, news, films, or events from a particularly year, link up and then we all guess the year!”

This is the year my oldest son was born so if you guess this you will know how old my son will be on Thursday!!

I was a Blur fan and my son at around 6 months was too. He use to pull himself up out of his playpen and dance to this song.

So can you guess the year Blur released the album Parklife?


Bon Jovi’s album Crossroads was released this year.

And the amazing film Lion King was out this year too.

Can you guess this Amazing year?

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8 responses to “Remember Blur vs Oasis?: Time Tunnel Tuesday”

  1. pinkoddy says:

    Was it 1996?That would make him 16 on Thursday and doing his GCSEs eek. Happy birthday to him.Thanks for linking up.

  2. Jenny Paulin says:

    hmmm i loved the Blur Parklife album and i was at uni so it must be 1993 or 1994 – i will go with 1994 x

  3. The Mini Mes and Me says:

    Im going for 1995 as I remember having 'what's the story morning glory' album when I was in hospital with suspected appendicitus and that was around then. Happy birthday to your son x

  4. Nicola Thomas says:

    Ooh I do remember that, I was pregnant at the time I think? 1995?

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