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Rock Top Got More Rockier : Up-cycled….

Rock Top Got More Rockier…

After- above.

Before- below..

I love this top had it for years and years but never worn it.

Being tight across the bum it never sat properly over jeans.

So time to re-fashion and up-cycle and have a new makeover!!

What you need-

  • Long t-shirt
  • Sharp scissors

What to do-

  • Try the t-shirt on to see when you want to be covered up to and how far up the fringing needs to go.
  • Cut up the t-shirt in straight lines, same distance apart.
  • When all cut, lightly pull all strips down to give the material a curly effect.
  • Tie 2 of the stripes together going around the front first then the back. so not to make the rip go up the t-shirt.
  • Watch not to tie a front and back together ( like I did! or you won’t get it on, and have to unknot them)
  • Quick and easy makeover all finished…

What do you think of my new t-shirt?

Have a lovely weekend everyone …


13 responses to “Rock Top Got More Rockier : Up-cycled….”

  1. The Reading Residence says:

    So simple, but so effective! Great idea!

  2. Kezzie says:

    Clever!!! Well done you for a cute, simple make! X

  3. MontgomeryFest says:

    its like this shirt was begging to be a little more hardcore! love it – bookmarking this tutorial for our next festival..

  4. Julie Corbisiero says:

    This shirt is so cool the way you fixed it up with the fringe! Have a nice night! Enjoy the week too!

  5. Leovi says:

    Yes, I really like that shirt as has been excellent!

  6. mother.wife.me says:

    Ooh love it, rock on! #AllAboutYou

  7. Emma Iannarilli says:

    I can imagine this with some denim cut-offs and some converse.#http://fashion-mommy.com

  8. Zarouhi Zaz says:

    Another rocking upcycle! Fab take, love it. #AllAboutYouMama-andmore.com

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