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Runstreak: Week Two, Day Seven: Keep On Running

Runstreak: Week Two, Day Seven: Keep On Running.

Runstreak: Week Two, Day Seven: Keep On Running
The Goal:

To fit into this beautiful red dress again without looking like a sack of potatoes all squashed together.

Believe me, you do not want to see a photo of me trying to squeeze into this dress at the minute and all out of breath and stressed when I’m in it!! Ha, ha!

Runstreak: Week Two, Day Seven: Keep On Running.


Shh, don’t tell anyone!! I actually kinda like running again. If only it wasn’t for all these layers of clothes I put on before I start out. I get so tired out when I wear too many items of clothing and feel tired quicker but I hate leaving the house when it is so cold without lots of layers on either!


My runs always involve my running partner at the minute. Mollie The Collie. Then I do not feel guilty stopping to pop her on and off the lead either. Today we went running a little bit further. Through the woods and beyond.


So cold outside so I decided to break my 2 miles run up a little as I have been running in a ski jacket to keep warm. Over a mile AM. Another mile PM


Same as Wednesday but I am still out and still getting it done!


Really wanted to do a long run this morning so between 2-3 miles around the woods with Mollie got done. I did have 3 running jackets on. A hat and gloves and long legging on and no I never warmed up!


Nice and early Saturday morning run. Getting done early before I forget!!


Just a slow plod to rest up for tomorrows new week 🙂

I can not believe I have now only been running again two weeks. It feels like months. Still not getting any easier or faster though!! I shall give it time 😉

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6 comments so far.

6 responses to “Runstreak: Week Two, Day Seven: Keep On Running”

  1. Oh this is fabulous! I love to run but am only doing a couple of miles at a time right now. This is my month to really kick it up! Good luck and good job!

  2. Heather says:

    You are doing so great!!!! It’s truly impressive, especially in the cold weather!

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