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Scallops In The Shell…

Scallops In The Shell.

With whisky being dubbed this year’s drink of the summer, celebrity chef Tom Kitchin has worked with Glen Grant to produce some great dishes that pair perfectly with Glen Grant’s latest launches.

First up I am sharing Scallops in the shell.

Scallops In The Shell:


For the white wine sauce:

Whisky pairing:


Preparing the white wine sauce:

  1. Heat a heavy-bottomed pan on top of the stove and add the oil. Sweat the shallots gently for 3-4 minutes. Add the Noilly Prat and the fish stock and continue to cook until the mixture is reduced and has a syrupy consistency. Add the cream, bring back to the boil and reduce again slightly. Season with salt and pepper, then pass through a strainer or sieve. Add the grain mustard and chopped dill

Preparing the scallops:

  1. Slip a thin sharp knife between the shells and cut through the large white muscle tab (the abductor muscle) to release one side of the shell. Pry open the shell and pull everything out. Using a spoon, neatly scoop out the meat. Separate the white meat from the outer skirt and roe (the skirt and roe can be kept for making sauces and they freeze well). Rinse the scallops and keep them in the fridge on a paper towel. Rinse the shells and pat them dry

Assembling the dish:

  1. Sweat the carrot and leak in the oil over a low heat. Season and cook until they are soft but not browned. Allow to cool. Take 4 washed shells and divide the leeks and carrots between them. Cut the scallops in half through the middle, season and place 4 pieces on each shell. Cover with 3 tablespoons of white wine sauce and top with the other shells.
  2.  Preheat the oven to 200°C/Gas 6. Roll out the puff pastry and cut into thin strips. Place a pastry strip around each scallop to seal the two shells together. Using your fingers, gently press the pastry in place to ensure that the seal is tight and there are no holes. Brush with egg yolk and cook in the hot oven for -10 minutes until the pastry is golden brown

To serve:

  1. Remove the scallop shells from the oven and run a sharp knife all the way around the outer crust. Serve on a bed of seaweed or some rock salt mixed with a little water to stop the shells rocking about and let your guests open the shell themselves
  2. Pair with Glen Grant 12 Year Old. The creamy vanilla notes compliment the creamy character of the dish

*Recipe and recipe photography by Glen Grant 12 Year Old*

*No Payment was received*

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