Scooter Fun In Blackpool…

Wow the weeks are spinning on by fast!! before we know it Winter will be here and I am only just recovering from the summer holidays. Too much fun, food and not enough fitness!!

I mention that I wore this dress a few times  on holiday give or take different shoes and leggings on a night out, to the beach and on the scooters. Today I’m sharing the scooter outfit. Teamed up with comfy shoes and Winnie The Pooh socks from the pound shop as I forgot to take my socks away with me haha…

What I wore~Dress~ Select

Ballet cardigan – Kookai

Legging ~ Peacocks

Shoes ~ c/o Keds

Socks ~ Poundland

Handbag ~ Off holiday in Bognor Regis

Here is a quick Vine on Ride the lights the day before the big lights switch on in Blackpool this year..
Love Blackpool…


8 responses to “Scooter Fun In Blackpool…”

  1. Tamar SB says:

    These are so fun! I wish I still had my scooter!

  2. Margarett Murphy says:

    Wow the bikes look better than the light do … the outfit …looks like you had fun ..

  3. Annie Montgomery says:

    how fun! I love that wrap around sweater!

  4. Alice Warren says:

    I wished I was coordinated enough to ride a scooter – my son zips with it.Thank you so much for linking up to TBT Fashion link up and I hope to see you this Thursday.

  5. Dana Jo says:

    Looks like great fun!! What a pitty.. could not be there! Love your layering outfit :)Dana

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