Shadow Shot: What I Wore In The Shadows

Shadow Shot: What I Wore In The Shadows

 Shadow Shot: What I Wore In The Shadows. Hello, lovely blogging friends. Happy Shadow Shot Sunday. Are you having a shadow fun weekend? 

 Are you up to anything exciting this weekend? 

Nothing much planned around here today. A nice lazy Sunday, methinks. I will be busy from Monday onwards so it will even things out!! At least, this is how I see it. I do not have to feel guilty about doing much today then.

 Do you have any shadow photos to share today? As I do.

Shadow Shot: What I Wore In The Shadows

I love taking photos and love to see shadows in them. Shadows can sometimes tell a story, especially if the photo is taken around trees or water.

Today I am sharing a fun shadow shot of my own. This photo was taken on a rare night out with the family.

Shadow Shot: What I Wore:

Wearing my lovely new skirt which I brought with my Birthday money. Yes, I actually spent some straight away this time. Some serious shadows going on around here!! Don’t you think too?

I love wearing this long floaty maxi skirt. It feels so comfy and stylish to wear. This skirt is black and white and looks lovely.

I also have this skirt in another colour. Similar but with splashes of colour on it. That one has a fitted waist band but not very forgiving so I can not fit into it at the minute!! I need to step away from the cakes. Watch this space.

What I Wore: Top: Primark || Skirt: Primark | Shoes: F&F Tesco

Do you like taking photos with shadows in them?

What do you think of todays shadow shot post?

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So what photo would you share with shadows in today?

Do not forget to pop back Wednesday and share your photos here at The Wordless or Not So Wordless Wednesday blog hop. See you again soon. 

Shadow Shot: What I Wore In The Shadows
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  1. Ralph
    7th May 2016 / 2:59 pm

    The shadows fall softly to the ground and subject too. It is a nice and stylish day – and model too!

  2. Kathe W.
    7th May 2016 / 3:29 pm

    very lovely photo- Happy Birthday!

  3. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio
    7th May 2016 / 4:18 pm

    Happy belated birthday and enjoy your birthday blessings!

  4. Tamar SB
    7th May 2016 / 4:50 pm

    So lovely! Love the new hair style, too!

  5. bj
    7th May 2016 / 8:33 pm

    How pretty you are…and this photo is so so perfect for SSS…xo

  6. carol l mckenna
    7th May 2016 / 9:28 pm

    Pretty ! Lovely shadow shot! Happy Mother's Day in the USA

  7. Margarett Murphy
    12th May 2016 / 5:12 pm

    Lovely skirt!

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