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Shoe Zone £30.00 Challenge…

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may know how much I love shoes?  My daughter loves her shoes too, not yet to my level, but give her time! She loves her handbags too. Last week Shoe Zone invited me to a fun shoe challenge. A challenge and shoes “yes please” …

The challenge:

Our £30.00 voucher arrived on Saturday morning and although they had some great shoes online, as we were going shopping we decided to see if anything caught our eyes in store. Off we went to our local Shoe Zone with our voucher. We were thinking of what we would buy, and what colours.

We already shop in Shoe Zone so we knew roughly what kind of shoes they stock. I think Shoe Zone is a lovely shop for buying school or work shoes. They sell a large range of black comfy shoes perfect for wearing all day, all at great prices. We buy lots of my daughter school shoes already from them. My daughter knows with the budget I give her for school shoes she can get 2 pairs from Shoe Zone.  Just before Christmas she went in for a pair of school shoes and also came out with knee length boots too.

On this occasion we were looking for something nice to wear for days out in Spring. Flat comfy and a nice light colour. These pink ballet style shoes caught my eye straight away. Flat, comfy, nice width, lovely stylings and a bargain price of £7.99.

 My daughter was off browsing the bags, this adorable owl bag jumped out at her. (Cute animals are always a winner with my daughter). With a 20% extra sale on the bag, it was only £7.99. Then back to the shoes. The black suede style shoes were her go too pair, “these mum”? Only £6.99! Also with an extra 20% Off. So only £5.59!! After we both picked our preferences there was enough money left for the cream ballet shoes for me too, what a great result! 

All in all we are very happy with how many lovely things we got from Shoe Zone for a total of £29.56.

What do you think to the shoes and bag. Let me know..

About this post~

I was gifted a £30.00 from Shoe Zone to pick some shoes to review. All thoughts are my own opinion and I was not paid for this post…


15 responses to “Shoe Zone £30.00 Challenge…”

  1. Tamar SB says:

    Great finds! I just landed back in Boston – it was a nice holiday wearing shoes other than boots, but back to boots I go!

  2. Kezzie says:

    You did very well for your £30! I wore shoes from Shoezone for the evening at my wedding! I wanted a light pair that my feet woouldn't sweat in that I could lindyhop in and a girl at a swing dance evening had this white Mary Jane flat canvas pair that I bought- only £6.99 and they are great for dancing!

  3. pixiedusk says:

    OMG your daughter is almost your height now. So sweet that you share the love of shoes! I also buy from Shoe Zone and im lucky to live nr the high street and we have ShoeZone here! #pocolo

  4. Californian Mum in London says:

    Fab finds. I love a ballet flat. I've never shopped from Shoe Zone before but will go check it out. #pocolo

  5. Victoria Welton says:

    Wow! What a great haul for your money 🙂 I do love Shoe Zone – I think they have some great styles. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  6. motherslittlesteps.com says:

    Oh my goodness, what a fun challenge! We love shoes too (my four-year-old daughter and I) which astonishes my husband. How many shoes does a woman/little girl need? There's never enough, right? 😉 #TriedTested

  7. Kim Carberry says:

    I love Shoezone! I saw that owl bag and did consider buying it but we were school shoe shopping. Fantastic finds x

  8. Colette B says:

    I can't believe you got so many pairs of shoes for the money! I would have expected to only get one pair for the price. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  9. Emma Iannarilli says:

    Have to say I think you did very well. I love the pink ones and am off to get a pair myself now.#Tried/Tested

  10. Kate Fever says:

    I love Show Zone, you really do get so much for your money! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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