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Silent Sunday 24th July 2011: Nice Sized Camera!!

Silent Sunday 24th July 2011.

Silent Sunday 24th July 2011

Silent Sunday 24th July 2011.

Shh, it’s silent.

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17 responses to “Silent Sunday 24th July 2011: Nice Sized Camera!!”

  1. Nicki Cawood says:

    Interesting shot. Is this cricket? (I'm sport illiterate so may well be wrong)

  2. Erica Price says:

    Test match?

  3. Jacq says:

    I love these photographers and their big lenses! Would love to have a play with one! ( The lens, not the photographer)

  4. multiplemummy says:

    Oh were you at lords yesterday? My hubby was there? x

  5. Thanks for the comments,this was Birmingham athletic a few weeks ago, i thought my camera was big now it feel tiny 🙂

  6. Jacq lol,i bet they are heavy and hard to keep a steady hand 🙂

  7. Sarahmumof3 says:

    ohhh impressive camera

  8. Carolin says:

    God I would love to have a camera like this. They are so cool

  9. Cherished By Me says:

    Great photo! I'm so rubbish at sport that I have no idea where that would have been taken. 😉

  10. honiebuk says:

    you papped the pap – brilliant!

  11. Mari's World says:

    Great shot! I'd hate to be the guy changing his lens and miss the shot of the match though!

  12. Thanks for the comments 🙂

  13. geekmummy says:

    Those are some serious lenses! I'd best not show the geekdaddy this shot, as I'm sure he'd only tell me how much he needs a big lens like that!!

  14. Kylie Ofiu says:

    I thought my camera was big and heavy, I could not imagine carrying one of them. They would be hard to keep steady, but can you imagine the awesome shots?Great blog. I foung you on TTT blog hop and am your newest follower.

  15. Becky says:

    Nice shot. Looks like the one guy was caught off guard! Thanks for following Life or Something Like It. Following back!

  16. Thanks everyone for the comments,following back 🙂

  17. Mad Mind says:

    Thanks for joining the Train ride!

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