Spring Is Almost Here #MySundayPhoto

Spring Is Almost Here. And that makes me very happy! How about you?

Hello friends, happy Sunday. So how are you today? Feeling good? I am because I just love spring and all the beautiful flowers that grow in this season. Check Out My Instagram Reel Today:

Here Comes The Sun, And I Say, It’s All Right- The Beatles.

I am loving seeing the daffodils out in the park. Put a great big smile on my face as spring is just around the corner. Here Comes The Sun, And I Say, It’s All Right.

Spring Is Almost Here!! It has been a long time since last spring and I lost 2 precious things last year so winter seemed long and depressing.

Spring for me is like a new start to a new season and who better to take on my walks with me than my sweet fur baby boy, Murphy!!

Spring Is Almost Here

Spring Is Almost Here #MySundayPhoto

“I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” – Millard Kaufman.

Murphy- he makes me laugh so much. (He even brings a tear to my eye, when he bites me!!). Bless him but I love him to bits.

I can not wait to go out for long walks with him. But for now, I will settle for short walks, where we just stop and gaze at the clouds, like there is no rush in the world and everything is fine and dandy.

He is such a good lad and is growing so quickly. Two stone already and not even 4 months old yet! I can’t even imagine what size he will be when he is fully grown. All I do know is he is not going to be small!!

So what has put a smile on your face this week?

For me, it is beautiful spring starting to show, and Murphy! Along with seeing all of my beautiful family in one week too. My two sons who have left home have been to visit and I have seen my mum, Freddie, and mother-in-law. All in a week.

Also, it is my and my husband’s weekend off work, so getting out together and going places makes me feel so much happier too. What more could I ask for!!

We didn’t go to far today as there is a cold wind. but pottering around is also good when you have nowhere to rush to. Tomorrow is another new start and I am back on the exercise.

So I am off now to plan some workouts for the week ahead. Wish me luck, as I will need it!

Spring Is Almost Here

Spring Is Almost Here #MySundayPhoto

Don’t you just love seeing the spring flowers, everywhere?

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Chesterfield Crooked Spire In Bloom: 

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Another beautiful morning here. It is a pleasure to go out walking Mollie on days like this when we can leave the Winter jackets behind. It was really warm yesterday, just like a hot Summer’s day.

Then it did turn really cold last night. When we were at the running club. I was shaking with the cold. It took ages to warm up too! I hate to be cold! I am so nesh. Chesterfield Crooked Spire Spring Bloom.

Spring Is Almost Here #MySundayPhoto

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Spring Is Almost Here #MySundayPhoto
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  1. 14 March 2022 / 15:53

    It does feel like spring is almost here. Everything seems fresh and new at the moment and I am loving it.
    Murphy sounds like such a sweetheart, he really is a cutie. x

    • 25 March 2022 / 19:47

      I love that spring feeling. Aww, thanks Kim.

  2. Heather
    14 March 2022 / 15:25

    I’m SO ready for spring! Murphy is so cute! Do you still host link parties? I haven’t seen them lately.

    • 25 March 2022 / 19:46

      Hi Heather, aww thanks lovely. Aww no, I have stopped hosting the parties as I am so short on time at the minute.