Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter

Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter.

After a long, cold, dark, rainy and dull Winter I am happy to be sharing these beautiful Spring flowers. Yeah, Spring is almost here and Summertime is on its way.

No more dark nights and cold Winter evenings for a while.

Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter:

I love Spring and all the beautiful colours that come with it. I love every year about this time. Don’t you too?

I am now on Spring watch duty! #Springwatch

Spotting signs of Spring is so much fun. A crocus here, a cherry blossom tree there. Oh look a lady bird has just flown by me. How pretty!? It makes me feel cheerful and happy when I spot pretty flowers growing too.

Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter

I am loving these flower colours! Every single one of them. Pink, red, yellow, orange, purple and lilac

Are you loving all these bright and cheerful colours of Spring too?

What is your favourite Spring flower called? What flowers do you like to spot first? 

Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter
Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter

I do not have any flowers in my garden but if I did, I would love all of these. So cheerful. I really wish I could have a flower garden like my Grandma and Granddad had when I was growing up. Weeping willow trees, full of season flowers and a vegetable patch full of fresh homegrown veggies. 

Spring Has Sprung After A Long, Cold, Dark Winter

Do you grow your own vegetables?

Do you have a garden full of flowers?

Are you ready for Spring too?

Are you also on Spring watch like me?

Have you spotted any sighs of Spring yet?

Or maybe you live in a different country to me and are heading toward Winter?

In other news I have also made my first You Tube video, want to take a look?

My 1st You tube video is about my Six Items Or Less clothing challenge. Please take a look and let me know in the comments what you think? Are you on You Tube? If so, let me know!! I took six items of clothing and made how many outfits!? Why not see for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

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Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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    so pretty. x hivenn

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