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Stars Are Coming Out Tonight : Up-cycled!!

Another up cycle project … love these and I am so proud of designing them, haha! 

Who in the world has a pair of jeans like this eh?

 The original idea I made up along the way. 

My son gave me a pair of jeans, I picked him these up from Jack and Jones a few years ago in the sale, The colour was just not for him so he never wore them. 

He told me to put them in the charity bag but a brand new pair of jeans that had never been wearing was just a waste… Yes!?

With my son being over 6 foot tall, the were too long for me. I love the colour, so I thought they would look good as 3/4 jeans.

Cutting them down I came up with an idea, that leads to another…

Then the star jeans were created…


What you need~

  • An old pair of jeans or a pair you will never wear!
  • A 3/4 pair you like to cut your jeans to the same length.
  • Pinking shears.
  • Star cookie cutter.( that you will never use for cookies)
  • Bleach.
  • Pot and brush for bleaching.

What I did~

  • Rolled the 2 turns down on my favourite 3/4 jeans and place on top of jeans I want to cut down.
  • Cut just under line (so not to cut other jeans) with pinking shears.
  • Test bleaching skills on a bit of material that is wasted!
  • Bleach all around inside of star for full star effect, or put the cookie cutter into bleach then press onto jeans for just a star shape.
  • Decided a pattern before starting, bleach can not be undone.
  • Best to put something inside jeans like a bit of card? I forgot and it did go through to the back, but lucky for me I stared over these.
  • Place random stars all over the front and then back with bleach.
  • Be careful not to drip bleach onto jeans (again I did!) as you don’t notice when wet but do when dried.
  • I added a few random star shapes on pockets.
  • Lastly, I bleached lines with brush down jeans, around pockets and around tops for more effects.
  • Leave for a few hours to bleach, you will notice them changing from an orange colour to a creamy colour.
  • When at a colour you like to pop into a quick wash and leave to dry.
  • Iron and put back 2 turns back at bottoms.


Stars don’t have to be perfect, do they? they would just look to shop brought!

Random patterns make them all the more unique and much more fun 🙂


24 responses to “Stars Are Coming Out Tonight : Up-cycled!!”

  1. MontgomeryFest says:

    so cute!! i needed these for st. pat's…love it!

  2. Tamar SB says:

    How fun are those! Super cute and perfect for spring!

  3. Please may I? says:

    Super cute. Loving the green.X x

  4. Party of 5 says:

    You are one awesome lady Claire…love them!

  5. Margarett Murphy says:

    Very clever idea….perfect for spring !!!

  6. amy mayen says:

    They turned out super cute! I pinned it 🙂

  7. Debbie Stinedurf says:

    Love them! You are so creative!Debbiewww.fashionfairydust.blogspot.com

  8. SarahMummy says:

    They look fabulous! Another great idea from you 🙂

  9. Zarouhi Zaz says:

    Oh wow! There are just brilliant, love this idea, you are such a clever chick! #AllAboutYou

  10. Victoria MyLittleLBlog says:

    wow it looks amazing and very creative

  11. Kezzie says:

    These are excellent!!! You did a great job on transforming boy jeans unto girly delight! X

  12. Winnie says:

    These are SUPER CUTE !!!I have another assignment for you 🙂 – Transform a boy jeans to a girly skirt. I'd loooooooooove to wear it (but I only wear skirts)

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Oh my Winnie, have I got some posts planned for you!! leave it with me, my children are off school for a few weeks but I have an amazing crafty mum who made me lots of skirts from jeans and a tutorial planned, you will love these posts …

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