Styling A Charity Shop Dress

Styling A Charity Shop Dress. Hello friends, happy Thrifty Thursday. So how are you today?

I am trying to be more thrifty and cut down on buying new clothes I don’t really need.

So every week on a Thursday, myself, my mum and daughter take a trip to town and have a look around the charity shops.

We always find a bargain and something for a few pounds to cheer us up. Also something we would not see in the shops. Lots of surprises waiting for us.

Styling A Charity Shop Dress:

Styling A Charity Shop Dress:

Styling A Charity Shop Dress. I have brought a few good branded items too. Including Cath Kidston, M&S And Laura Ashley dresses.

Something usually catches our eye each week. At the minute the charity shops are changing their winter stock to summer stock that they have too.

They have been saving up some good stuff over winter so you can really see something good you want to buy.

At the minute there is so much lovely stuff around so I try to think before I go, what do I really need.

I have been seeing Arron jumpers and cardigans pop up in the new shops over the last few months. I love Arron cardigans so much as my grandma always used to make me one.

The thing is with Arron jumper and cardigans are they are also timeless and classics. Also a good investment. Also they never go out of style.

So last time we went out I was on a mission to find one.

The first shop we went in I found a nice pink cardigan and as we were paying I noticed an arron cardigan on the model behind the till.

Oh my!! I casually as her how much and she replied, well we are clearing out today to make room for our summer stock so you can have it for £2.00!! I could not buy it quick enough. Check, the list really did work.

Teddy coat

Styling A Charity Shop Dress:

Styling A Charity Shop Dress. I picked this dress up in West Bridgford on a trip to see my son.

His girlfriend and I had a walk around the charity shops and I found this one on the reduced rail outside for 50p.

What a bargain. I also picked 3 Cath Kidston mugs up that day and a beautiful cake stand for £3.00 each.

Styling A Charity Shop Dress Tips:

Buying dresses and styling them from a charity shop can be enjoyable and rewarding. The following advice will help you get the most out of your purchase and put together a stylish outfit:

Firstly, Layering.

Layering an outfit can give your clothing depth and substance. It can completely change a look. For a warm and stylish look, add thick tights.

Or throw a jumper or cardigan over your dress. Also adding a denim or leather jacket can give it style. Don’t be scared to combine different patterns and textures.

Try them out in the mirror and see which outfits you like the best. For a special and stylish look, try wearing your dress with a patterned shirt or a checkered jacket.

When in doubt add red lipstick to give you confidents.

Secondly, Add Great Shoes.

The right pair of shoes can make or ruin a look. For a relaxed and comfortable style, think about wearing your dress with a pair of ankle boots, long boots, Converse, Trainers, strappy sandals or pumps.

Thirdly, If You Like It Then Put A Ring On It. Chunky rings look great with dresses.

Think Accessorises:

Styling A Charity Shop Dress.

Fourthly, Think Accessorises.

The correct accessories can make any outfit look better. To complete your outfit, think of wearing a spectacular necklace, a fun cape, a set of daring earrings, a bright scarf, or a chic cap.

Don’t forget summer is coming and a nice straw hat would be also great.

Fifth, When In Doubt Belt it.

A belt can help you define your waist and give you a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Especially if the dress you got wasn’t your size but you loved it and it was a bargain.

To add some colour and elegance to your dress, think about wearing a belt with a pattern or colour.

Sixth, Add Colour.

Don’t be scared to experiment with colour; have fun with it. For a dynamic and joyful style, try matching your dress with a colourful handbag or a pair of vividly coloured shoes.

Remember that having fun and being inventive are the keys to styling a garment from a charity shop. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, try out various styles, and put together a look.

Styling A Charity Shop Dress

Here Are Some Charity Shop Tips:

Styling A Charity Shop Dress. The fact that it’s a charity shop doesn’t mean you cannot find some high-quality products. I have found some amazing dresses with great labels on them.

Firstly, Know What Brand You Like And Are Looking For.

Seek out high-quality clothing or products in good shape, such as designer clothes or vintage furnishings.

By knowing the style of the brand you like, helps you spot them in the rails of clothing easier without having to pull each dress out to check.

Secondly, Check For Damage Clothing.

Before buying something, always look for damage. Most charity shops only put out good quality clothing that has all ready been checked but if it is a high priced lable, give it a little look over.

Look for wear and tear indicators such as tears, stains, missing buttons, and other issues. If anything requires fixing, decide if it’s worth the time and money to fix it.

Think About Your Size:

Styling A Charity Shop Dress.

Thirdly, Think About Your Size.

Make sure you are aware of your sizes before going shopping for clothing. Have a little try on your clothes to see which size fits best.

Knowing your measurements can help you locate the best fit because charity shops frequently have a limited selection of sizes.

Remember all brands sizes fit differently so consider different sizes but have a good think first if it will fit. I buy bigger clothes if I like them too that I know have more fabric and will look great with a belt.

Fourthly, Go And Shop Frequently.

It is amazing how quickly things change. Charity shops constantly receive new merchandise, so it’s a good idea to return often to uncover new. We go in once a week and always spot new dresses.

Fifth, Try And Negotiate.

Prices can usually be worked out in charity shops, so don’t be shy about asking for a discount. Especially if you see a few items you want. What is the worst they can say? No. Well you tried but you never know until you have tried.

However, remember that the money you spend goes to a worthy cause. So only try this if you have got a few expensive things in your hands.

Styling A Charity Shop Dress.

Market Square Nottingham

Styling A Charity Shop Dress:

What I Wore: Loving this dress I picked up in a West Bridgford charity shop for 50p!!

Styling A Charity Shop Dress. Boots, Handbag & Coat: Tu Clothing | Tights: Primark

Sixth, Donate Yourself.

Give back by thinking about donating stuff to a charity shop that you no longer need or use. This not only aids in decluttering your own space but also advances the goal of the charity.

Seventh, Bring A Bag With You.

One I always forget but my mum and daughter are always papered so I’m Ok. I just pinch there’s. Bring your own reusable shopping bags to transport your purchases since many charity shops don’t give them.

Take An Interest In The Charity Shop.

Before making a purchase, learn about the goals and objectives of the charity shop to determine whether they reflect your own.

Shopping can become even more important if you do it in support of a cause you care about. Be friendly to staff and kind.

Most people help out and like to talk to nice people. We love to chat about anything and everything to the staff in our local charity shops and they all know us now.

Styling A Charity Shop Dress. Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

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Styling A Charity Shop Dress.

Styling A Charity Shop Dress.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

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  1. Jacqui Berry
    20 April 2023 / 07:51

    Such a pretty dress and perfect for your cocktails. That last one looks tasty Claire. Thanks for adding to the link party and have a super week hun. Jacqui x

    • 21 April 2023 / 20:18

      Thanks Jacqui, have a lovely weekend.

  2. 18 April 2023 / 14:17

    I love your thrifted dress! I really cut down on my clothes spending this year and found a lot of thrifted dresses that I love.

    • 21 April 2023 / 20:16

      Thanks lovely, you can find so many great dresses, can’t you.