Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper.

Hello friends, happy Monday. So how are you today? Have you also had a good weekend? It was my weekend to work, so it has been all go since coming home from New York.

Today I made effort to go to the gym after weeks off from illness. So all good.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper. Love a striped sweater? I know I do.

What do you wear with a stripe jumper? How about throwing on your favourite jeans and wearing some sneakers? Like I did last night.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper:

I love a nice jumper and a bargain off the sale rail.

Also, how sweet is this green striped jumper that I picked up off the sale rail a few weeks ago in Primark?

At first I wondered what to wear with it. As it is such a statement piece. Then jean sprang to mind. Jeans and sweaters make a classic combo, don’t they?

Check Out Todays Instagram Post: This Outfit Is Jeanius, Am I Right?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore jeans. I’m a dresses kind of gal. I just love to buy them and then never wear them. Crazy as I own so many pairs.

So last night I decided to wear some to go out for dinner as my son and his girlfriend came over and we went out.

Loved this look so it might have kick started me into wearing them again. This Outfit Is Jeanius, Am I Right?

Over 50 style

Here Are Some Suggestions For Styling A Striped Jumper:

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper.

  • Casual
  • Comfortable
  • Chic
  • Effortless
  • Nautical
  • Classic
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Simple
  • Trendy
  • Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Playful
  • Cosy
  • Relaxed

Firstly, Choose The Correct Size That Fits Well.

Make sure the striped jumper fits you well. A striped jumper looks great if it is well fitted.

It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose (unless you want it to be) because this can change how your outfit looks as a whole.

If it is too big, how about tucking it into your jeans or just a bit of it.

Secondly, Layer It Up.

Jumpers with stripes can be layered. Striped jumpers can be styled by layering them with different clothing.

For a sophisticated style, layer it under a tank top. In the meantime, wearing a striped jumper with confidence is the most crucial advice. Accept the stripes and flaunt your look with flair!

Thirdly, If A Statement Piece Tone The Rest Of The Outfit Down.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper. If your sweater has strong stripes, keep the rest of your outfit straightforward.

Tone the rest of the look down, this way the main feature is the jumper. To counteract the boldness of the stripes, pair it with plain denim jeans or solid-coloured bottoms. If you’re wearing a stripy top, think about pairing it with solid-coloured bottoms. Or vice versa.

This will help to balance out your outfit and prevent it from looking too busy.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper

Mix And Match Pieces:

Fourthly, Mix And Match Pieces.

So don’t be scared to combine several stripes in one outfit. Try them on and see which looks good. Just be sure that they are different in terms of size or colour.

Mix and match and look which bits of the outfit you love the most.

Fifth, Dress It Up Or Dress It Down.

Depending on the occasion, striped jumpers can be dressed up or down. Wear it with trainers and a handbag for a more relaxed appearance with no jewellery.

Wear it with suit trousers and shoes and accessories for a more formal event. For your striped summer outfit, select fabrics that are light and breathable.

In the summer heat, cotton and linen are excellent choices for keeping you cool and comfortable.

Sixth, Compliment Your Skin Tones.

Choose a striped sweater that compliments your skin tone and hair colour by taking the colours into account.

For instance, choose a sweater in warm colours like brown, beige or green or rust if your skin tone is warm. Or go for a colour that matches the colours of you make up.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper:

Seventh, Add A Scarf Or Piece Of Jewellery.

Take into account accessories with a scarf, hat, or statement jewellery to give your look a little extra touch. Big chunky bracelets to match the colour also look good.

But be mindful not to go overboard as the stripes are already the highlight of your outfit.

A look can be made or broken by accessories. If you’re wearing a summer clothing with stripes, keep your jewellery minimal and let the stripes take centre stage.

The key is to be confidence. Ultimately, be confident in your summertime striped clothing! Own your style and rock those stripes because fashion is all about personal expression.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper. How can I make my jeans and sweater look better? Try adding a fitted jumper or if it is a bigger jumper, try tucking it in at the front behind the zip.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper What I Wore: Jeans: Tu Clothing | Jumper: Primark | Handbag: Tu Clothing | Trainer: Nike Air Force 1

So what do you think of my outfit? Because I love it.

Maxi skirt

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper.

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Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper. Thank so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

Styling Jeans And A Striped Jumper
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  1. mireille
    11 April 2023 / 13:41

    I wear my jeans mostly in the fall and winter as it get hot very quickly for jeans in the warmer month. I am enjoying the wider pairs lately, Pairing your jeans with the green striped sweater is very springy.

    • 21 April 2023 / 20:12

      I don’t wear jeans much but I love how these fit.

  2. Carol
    10 April 2023 / 21:07

    Cute and casual outfit! Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 59.

    • 21 April 2023 / 20:11

      Thanks so much for hosting and stopping by.