Styling My Blue Star Converse

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Styling My Blue Star Converse. Day 11 Of 30 Styling My Shoes, Boots, Converse, Or Trainers.

Hello friends, Happy Thursday. Or Thrifty Thursday, as I like to call it.

As, on Thursdays, I meet my mum for a walk around the charity shoes. I got a few bargains today but I’m not wearing anything second-hand in my outfit post today.

Transitioning into day eleven of my 30-day styling challenge, I am eager to continue exploring the versatility of my footwear collection. Today, I am Styling My Blue Star Converse.

Although, my favourite piece of the outfit is my Citizens of Humanity from Selfridges. But more on that another day.

So today, I am rocking my blue star Converse like it’s nobody’s business! Who says you can’t be playful and chic at any age? Today’s vibe: Alice in Wonderland meets edgy elegance!

Ripped jeans for that rebellious flair, paired with a whimsical Alice-in-Wonderland tee, topped off with a cosy long cardigan for that extra touch of sophistication. Age is just a number, but style? Style is timeless!

Styling My Blue Star Converse

Styling My Blue Star Converse:

Styling My Blue Star Converse. Picture this: me, a 50-something fashion lover, strutting my Converse down town like it’s my personal runway.

I’ve got my trusty pair of blue star Converse laced up tight, adding a pop of playful flair to my outfit.

On my lower half, I’m rocking a pair of ripped jeans that are as comfortable as they are stylish, showing just the right amount of edginess.

Up top, I’ve opted for an Alice in Wonderland graphic tee, because who says you have to grow up completely?

Layered over that, a long cardigan flows behind me, adding a touch of elegance to the whole look.

With each step, I’m defying age norms and embracing my unique sense of style with confidence. After all, fashion knows no age limits!

Styling My Blue Star Converse

So what do you think about this look?

What I Wore: Alice In Wonderland T-shirt: Primark | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity from Selfridges | Long Cardigan: Rita Ora X Primark Collaboration | Blue Star Converse: The Converse Shop

Styling My Blue Star Converse

4 Tips On What Goes Good With White And Blue Star Converse?

What Goes Good With White And Blue Star Converse?

Firstly, For a laid-back yet stylish vibe, team your Converse with a classic denim on denim outfit. Choose darker denim shorts or jeans to go with a lighter-colored denim jacket or blouse.

Secondly, Wear your Converse with a stylish graphic top to give your outfit a little personality boost. A band t-shirt, an old-fashioned design, or a funny tagline will all stand out due to the white and blue contrast with the image. Or like me wear Alice In Wonderland.

Thirdly, Dress down a feminine dress with your Converse for a laid-back yet stylish outfit. Whether it’s a sundress, a maxi dress, or a shirt dress, the addition of your Converse will give it an effortlessly cool vibe.

Fourthly, Wear your Converse with leggings or joggers and a sweater or hoodie to rock the sporty trend.

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Styling My Blue Star Converse

Styling My Blue Star Converse:

Styling My Blue Star Converse.

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  1. 13 March 2024 / 13:22

    I love this outfit! The Converse and Alice T-shirt are fabulous! Thanks for linking!

    Emma xxx