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Sunday Runday

After all my lazy summer weeks exercise is back on and feeling good.

Running is great, slow but great and exercise classes are not hurting as much as the week before!!

No Pain No Gain!!

The only thing with eating fruit is how much sugar they contain!

Get fit or eat pie trying.

My moto is now..

Run first eat cake later…

My running buddy…c/o TomTom…

Yesterday I improved my Parkrun time by 2 minutes on this course I did 2 weeks ago…

25 minutes and 42 seconds for 5km …

Yeah, I was such a happy bunny. ..

My fastest time this year…

My all time pb is 24 minutes 35 seconds, so not far to go until I take that pb and smash it :):)

Watch this space…

This Weeks Exercise:

4 miles run
45 minutes Spinning class
45 minutes Body sculpture class

3 miles run
45 minutes Spinning class
45 minutes Fitball class

5 miles run
1-mile swim

1-hour body pump class
45 minutes Spinning class

6 miles bike ride

5km Parkrun

Day off

All I want to know now is~ am I in London Marathon!?!

If yes great, I will train up long slow miles…

If no great!?!

I will train up short faster miles for a good 5km and 10km race time!!

Any day know I could get the London marathon magazine through..

You’re in…. or you’re out don’t be blue…

4 thoughts on “Sunday Runday

  1. Great to see you're keeping your exercise up, I went for a run along the coast path with my eldest yesterday, he leaves me behind but mainly because I'm taking too many photos.

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