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Sunday Runday: Back On The Run

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run.

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run

Hello friends. How are you today?

Ok I admit it…

I have been very lazy in my exercise over the last 5 week.

Noticed the Sunday runday posts had gone?

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run:

No goals, no motivation.

Run Mum Run.

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run

Revamping the kitchen decorating the hallway.

No heat or hot water as the boiler is broken… 

Not much fun going out on a run to come back and boil the kettle up lots for warm water.

No need to go on.

Time to wrap up warm!

All excuses.

Back on it this week a little.

And feeling much better in myself.

Caught a bit of a chill from Tuesday nights running club but no more excuses.

New boiler being fitted on Monday and Tuesday..

Then no more excuses.

Wake up and be awesome!

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run

Sunday Runday: Back On The Run.

This Weeks Exercise:


3 miles run
30 minutes Spinning class


45 minutes spinning class
8 miles warm up/ reps/ cool down with running club.


1 hour Pilates class


1 hour body pump class


Day off


30 minutes in gym


Day off

Run first. Cake Later.

Can not wait for the boiler to be fitted tomorrow. i wonder if I get out then? When I can!?! lol.

How are your fitness and exercise plans going this week?

Are you any closer to your goals?

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3 responses to “Sunday Runday: Back On The Run”

  1. Claudia Willison says:

    Wow – I am so impressed by you work out schedule. I feel you, though. There are always things we can use as excuses. While I did not got running anymore outside (I know, I'm a wuss…) I did go back to my elliptical, finally 🙂

  2. nancy john says:

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