Teddy Coat, Bootleg Jeans & Trying To Find The

Teddy Coat, Bootleg Jeans & Trying To Find The Sunshine. Hello friends, happy Monday. Nothing much fun, happening around here at the minute. Cold and rainy outside too.

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Teddy Coat, Bootleg Jeans & Trying To Find The Sunshine:

It has been so cold around here that I had to dig out my teddy coat I got in the Sainsbury’s 25% sale in Autumn out and start wearing it. No good saving it for best as I have nowhere to go in Lockdown!

Oh well, I did look nice to go shopping, ha!! Also, I was so warm and cosy, why did I not start wearing it sooner?

Mollie And Me

It’s the people that make a home, not the place – Unknown.

Mollie’s Favourite Place In The Whole House:

This is my dog, Mollie’s favourite place. I was trying to warm up with the sunlight, but Mollie wasn’t having any of it!

She loves to stand here and watch the world go by. She is a typical nosy neighbour. Nothing gets by her unnoticed! If only she could speak, I bet she would have a tale or two tell us.

Bless her, I was only sat here for a few minutes, whilst I had my photo too, then it was back to work for her and off to buy some food for me.

Teddy Coat, Bootleg Jeans & Trying To Find The Sunshine

Teddy Coat, Bootleg Jeans & Trying To Find The Sunshine What I Wore:

Teddy Coat: Autumn/Winter 2020: Tu Clothing | Boots: Love Our Plant: Sainsbury’s still in stock | Jeans: Spring 2020

So do you have a warm and cosy teddy coat like me? I know Laurie from Vanity and me has one and see how she had styled her coat here: Doorstep deliveries. Braved the cold to deliver some last minute presents today. It’s certainly chilly out there! Kept cosy in this teddy coat: Doorstep Deliveries.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


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Teddy Coat, Bootleg Jeans & Trying To Find The Sunshine
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  1. 14 January 2021 / 20:08

    So cute, Claire! I love a cozy teddy coat! And Mollie is just adorable stealing all the sunshine, isn’t she?! Thanks for linking with me!


  2. 12 January 2021 / 15:25

    Would love some sunshine today! It makes such a difference! Thankfully we had such a day on Sunday and the boys enjoyed some outdoor play! Your teddy coat looks so cozy, I have been dressing up for grocery runs and even just doing blog work at the house and doing laundry!

    • 14 January 2021 / 20:48

      Thanks lovely. So much snow today so needed to be warm 🙂

  3. Joanne
    11 January 2021 / 23:16

    You look so nice and cozy! I do have a pink and a aqua green coat that are similar to your coat.

    • 14 January 2021 / 20:48

      Thanks Joanne. My new favourite coat of the minute 🙂

  4. ellen
    11 January 2021 / 18:57

    Sorry that your dog has cancer x And your coat does look so cosy!

    • 11 January 2021 / 21:31

      Thanks for stopping by Ellen. Mollie’s surgery went well and she is now cancer free 🙂