Teversal Trail Run: Saturday Morning Run Motivation

Teversal Trail Run: Saturday Morning Run Motivation. Hello friends. How are you on this beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon?

Teversal Trail Run: Saturday Morning Run Motivation

Teversal Trail Run: Saturday Morning Run Motivation:

I feel good. Really good because I am back out running regularly. I’ve not run this many times in a week without injury for years so it feels really good to be back.

I even did a few sprints this morning so I could test my lungs out!! Not bad to say I had a few drinks last night. Like you do at the weekend!?

Teversal Trail Run: Saturday Morning Run Motivation

Finally Learning To Have Water With My Whiskey!! I was glad I felt good to run after last night. What is it with Friday nights? Friday always puts me in a mood for a night out and a drink.

So after half a bottle of red wine (which leaves you wanting more when you have no more left) So I started on the Jamerson’s! I was in a good mood watching Take That! Did you see it? Take That and Robbie Williams were singing live from their garages and it was great. I love it.

Where You Realise You Have Had Too Much To Drink. After a pint of whiskey and coke with about 3 shot in I realised we had planned a run this morning. I quickly drank about 2 pints of and it worked. No headache or hangover this morning.

Run Motivation

Teversal Trail Run:

So this morning we decided to drive out to Silverhill and run the Teversal Trails and follow the path up to the miner. I have not visited Teversal for years and year. It could even be 8 years ago when my eldest son and I did a race here.

I still remember that swan that was chasing all the runners!! You can see read about that day here: Highest ManMade Point In Nottinghamshire. Good memories.

The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries

5 Miles Covered On The Teversal Trail Run:

So a good job was done by all. As we ran/walked/jogged about 5 miles around Teversal Trail. Love it. Back on the run and it feels great. Mollie loved all the new smells too.

When we got home, a nice big bowl of strawberries, banana and Weetabix for breakfast was called for. Although my Husband has cooked himself an omelette which smelt amazing. I might have to have 2 breakfasts today now 😁 have a great weekend 🙃

Over 40 Running Blogger

What Is Silverhill? Silverhill is an artificial hill near Teversal in Nottinghamshire and is one of the highest points in the county at 204.3 metres.

Originally it was a mine spoil heap on the site of the former Silverhill colliery which closed in the 1990s.

Where To Park: Teversal Trail Run. The visitors centre on Carnarvon St, Teversal, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 3HJ

Over 40 Running Blogger

Have you ever visited the Teversal Trails before?

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Teversal Trail Run: Saturday Morning Run Motivation
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  1. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures
    1 June 2020 / 22:01

    I had to laugh because I don’t drink red wine or whiskey! Glad it didn’t bother you to run the next day 😉

    • 2 June 2020 / 07:33

      Thanks Lisa. I am trying not to drink now I am in my running zone 🙂

  2. 31 May 2020 / 23:42

    Looks like a beautiful day for a run.

    • 2 June 2020 / 07:32

      Thanks lovely. No reason to stay home when it is this nice 🙂

  3. Claire Cooper
    30 May 2020 / 22:02

    It’s a bit brighter since we last walked there. I think it was just after Christmas and was wet and hurried. The dog enjoyed it though. We hear a lot about people coming and going as my dad volunteers at the Teversal visitor centre. He loves making bacon butties at tea.

    • 2 June 2020 / 07:32

      Oh wow, small world Claire. Maybe next time we go up the visitor centre might be open and we get to see you dad 🙂