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The Ben & Jerry’s Capture Euphoria Challenge: Day 4

The Ben & Jerry’s Capture Euphoria Challenge: Day Four : Runstreak Day 17…

Let it snow, let it snow, Let it snow !!!

Well we don’t have a choice in the matter, now the snow has returned.

Had some shopping delivered by our local supermarket so we have not got to use the car 🙂

In bad weather my husband always uses the train to get to work….

Tonight I made some hot cocoa covered it with whipped cream and marshmallows then watched the snow from inside where it is nice and warm.

Today I didn’t brave running in the snow now its turned to ice (its like a ice rink outside now).

Took forever trying to walk to school in it so I decided to go to the gym and use the treadmill. 

I am not usually a treadmill fan as I usually get so bored out my head with it, today I had no choice and I surprised myself how much I liked it. So much so I ran 6 miles on it!!

Days ran this year 17/17 #runstreak

Miles ran this month 110

Workouts 19

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8 responses to “The Ben & Jerry’s Capture Euphoria Challenge: Day 4”

  1. ~Amy~ says:

    Man, I need your motivation!! I also need one of those hot cocoas-seriously, I've never made one that looked that good!

  2. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Oh, that looks so-o-o good! I am a big fan of cocoa! Congratulations on getting some running done on the treadmill since you could not run outside.

  3. ana says:

    Oh drool that pic looks delicious! Ps… Hi five on 6 miles!!!!

  4. blesid thrifter says:

    See… when you run 6 miles on a treadmill (or anywhere!) you can treat yourself to an amazing marshmallow covered hot cocoa; GUILT FREE! Giving you a follow back; and happy to be doing so! (Added you GFC and Goggle +) xoxo jules

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