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The Big Wheel, Nottingham

The Big Wheel, Nottingham. 

There is always something special about a day out shopping in Nottingham. My youngest son was just saying the other day, “remember when we use to go out to Nottingham every week Mum?”.

That was in the days before we had Mollie the Border Collie. We use to take a trip to Nottingham most weeks. It doesn’t feel right going out for hours and leaving her at home alone now, though.

Mollie likes her routine and her walks at set times. She goes a little wild and runs around crazily if her routine is out of sink!! Walkie 8 am 2 pm and any extras. Breakfast 9 am dinner at 5 pm.

The Big Wheel, Nottingham

My Sunday photo was taken last week. My picture is of The Big Wheel in Market Square Nottingham. How big is this big wheel!? Looks like you can touch the sky on it.

Anyway, this was just a girly trip out to Nottingham with just my daughter. My daughter is at an age now where she loves to go shopping. Especially shopping with mum so mum can pay for bits and bobs too!? Ha!! We had lots of fun picking some clothes and walking around our favourite shops. The weather was perfect, blue skies all around. Not that you can tell from my picture!

I wanted to have a go on The Big Wheel, but my daughter was not so keen this time. I can imagine you can see for miles right up at the top. It looks like fun and a perfect idea for a day out. Maybe next time we get to visit my daughter may have changed her mind!?I love the angle of this photo. Google kindly created a black and white version of my picture and I love it!! Thanks, Google!!

Linking my photo of The Big Wheel, in Nottingham up to My Sunday Photo here:



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  1. What a fabulous angle! Even though it's 20 years since I left Nottingham, I would recognise Market Square any time!

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