The First Week With A Goldendoodle

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy. Hello friends, happy Saturday.

So it has been over a week with our new puppy, Murphy and I think he is settling into our home, very nicely. If you missed this, you can catch up here:

Meet Murphy The Gorgeous Goldendoodle. We named him Murphy after my father and we love him to bits. Here he is around 9 weeks old here as these photos were taken as soon as we got home. Meet Murphy The Gorgeous Goldendoodle.

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy:

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy. Bringing home a Goldendoodle was completely different from bringing home a Border Collie. Mollie The Collie, bless her was contently on the go whereas Murphy, just likes to go with the flow. So today I am starting off my Goldendoodle week-by-week progress with you.

What Breed Is A Goldendoodle?

A Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle. Murphy’s mum was already a Goldendoodle and his dad was a Goldendoodle.

Starting Off Quietly Now Finding His Feet.

He started off slowly, shyly and so laid back, but now he is coming out of his shell and ruling the roost. Murphy was so quiet the day he came home with us and such a laid back dog who loves lots of cuddles.

He is slowly coming out of his shell and this week, he found his bark. Murphy loves to bark at you in the garden so you play chase with him. He bark as he like you to chase him. Then he likes to swap roles and chase you.


Using A Create:

Using A Create. He is really not a fan of the create, he cries when we put him in it. We keep trying a few times a day to get him used to it.

It’s not nice but eventually he will get used to it and more importantly, it will keep him safe when we have to leave him a few hours on his own.

Sleeps Amazingly At Night. From the first day we got him, he slept great at night. He sleeps a good 6 hours at the side of our bed.

He does move, only to different spots to get comfortable. I usually wake him after 6 hours by moving to go to the toilet but then I take him outside and we then get a good few more hours sleep.

I was worried about getting up all night, now I am older but he is no problem at all.

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy

Learning His Name:

Learning His Name. He is slowly starting to learn his name. After nearly 9 weeks without a name, so not to confuse him when he came home to us.

It must be strange for someone to keep shouting Murphy to him. He is starting to look up when we shout it now.

Making Him Sit Where There Will Be An Open Door. Whenever we go out of the back door, we are trying to make him sit before we open it.

We made a mistake not to do this with Mollie. so whenever there was an open door she would run out of it.

Not good when she was obsessed with rounding up cars. Always lots of stress. So this was one of the things at the top of our list to train Murphy.

What He Does At 10 Weeks Old:

What He Does At 10 Weeks Old. Sleeps a lot. Eats 3 meals a day. Runs to the door if he needs to go outside and do his business. Likes lots of cuddles. Starting to nip a bit.

He Loves To Follow. Murphy the Goldendoodle is such a follower. If you move quickly from room to room, he is there behind you.

You have to look behind you wherever you go.

Because he will be laid at the back of you feet within a second of you getting anywhere. We all nearly tripped over at first, as you did not expect it, but we do now. Wherever we move, we have to freeze, look behind us, then move over him.

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy

The First Week With A Goldendoodle Called Murphy:

He Loves To Be Close To You. So, he sleeps anywhere and everywhere, but not on his own. He likes to sleep when you are close by.

As I type he is sleeping near my feet. He really does need to be around us all the time. When he is, he is one happy sleepy dog. If you move, up he gets and follows you. Aww, bless.

Second Injections And Socializing Him. The second injections are due next week and then we will be socializing him as soon as he can with my fur baby brother Freddie.

I can not wait for Murphy to have a friend. I can not wait to see what Freddie thinks of Murphy too.

Getting Into A Routine. I think we are getting into a good routine around sleep and mealtimes. Let’s hope we stick to it.

Brushing A Goldendoodle. We have brought lots of brushes and combs. In all shapes and sizes so we can brush him a few minutes every day, to get him used to brushing. I think he likes being brushed but then again he would rather eat the brushes!!

Called Murphy

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Meet Murphy- The Goldendoodle. They say dogs have a way of finding people who need them. On Thursday, the 1st anniversary of my dad’s death, this beautiful boy came into our lives.

We named him Murphy after my father and we love him to bits. Here he so sweet and is around 9 weeks old. Meet Murphy- The Goldendoodle.

And They Call It Puppy Love. So how are you today? All good? It has been a while since I posted here. Sometimes life gets busy and the next thing you know to missed a week or so. And They Call It Puppy Love.

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  1. Pat
    10 February 2022 / 21:03

    Congratulations on welcoming Murphy into your home! He is adorable. Visiting from Friendship Friday!

  2. 29 January 2022 / 22:08

    Aww! What a sweetheart Murphy is. It sounds like he is settling in well x

    • 6 February 2022 / 19:04

      Thanks Kim. he is adorable.