The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure. Autumn Days Out. Also, making the most of the season. Hello friends, so how are you today?

Happy Saturday. Earlier today we visited the pumpkin farm. A family tradition, each year.

Early as in early in the day, but late as most of the best pumpkins have been picked by now. They are only open a few more days and then closed until next October. I wonder what happens to the leftover pumpkins as there are still loads.

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure. Making The Most Of The Season:

When you set foot on a pumpkin farm, you’re not just selecting the perfect orange pumpkin; you’re immersing yourself in an experience that captures the essence of this enchanting season. Love autumn and all the beautiful colours that the season provides for us. It was raining, not fast. But the kind that wets you through. No worries though, as we still had lots of fun and laughter.

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure. Making the Most of the Season. The Pumpkin Farm Adventure is the perfect example of embracing the colourful mood of autumn. It’s an annual tradition of ours that also invites adventure seekers, families, and friends to enjoy the crisp, fresh air, the earthy scent of pumpkins and straw, and the brilliant colours of autumn.

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

The Pumpkin farms provides countless possibilities to enjoy the season, from taking lots of photos through picturesque settings to feeling awestruck as you make your way through Pumpkin fields.

The grins of parents and the laughing of children amid fields filled with pumpkins of all sizes remind us that now is a time to embrace life’s little pleasures and create lifelong memories.

I will not remember that long day at work yesterday, in a year to come but I will remember the fun we shared as a family at the pumpkin farm, next year and beyond!

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

Whether you’re searching for the ideal autumn photos, the freshest ingredients for your favorite autumn recipes, a few pumpkins for Halloween to carve out, or simply a day of wholesome family fun, the Pumpkin Farm Adventure is where the magic of autumn truly comes to life.

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

So have you been to a Pumpkin field this year?

Hunter Wellies

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure:

The Pumpkin Farm Adventure. What I Wore: Gilet: c/o The North Face | Jumper Dress: Primark | Leggings: Primark | Boots: Hunters

Love these Red Hunter Boots. They come out of storage every autumn!!

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The Pumpkin Farm Adventure

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Autumn Days Out

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The Pumpkin Farm Adventure. Making the Most of the Season:

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  1. 31 October 2023 / 17:14

    So many great spots for pictures! I tried commenting on your polka dot post in Brighton but couldn’t! I loved that blue boat and your dress.

  2. 31 October 2023 / 10:52

    I love what they did with the hay bales! I couldn’t comment on your previous posts, I don’t know why – there wasn’t an option for it. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • 6 November 2023 / 20:40

      Hi Emma, thank you. Whoo all sorted. I had turned the comments off older posts.

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