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The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I’ve Started It

The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I’ve Started It.

(This is not a sponsored post or product review. I have purchased my Slim Fast products myself and I am writing down my thoughts here to encourage me to keep it up and maybe it will motivate anyone who wants to lose a few pounds too?).

Hello friends, happy Saturday. On Tuesday this week, I started the Slim fast diet as I really need to do something about my ever growing waistband!! After Christmas I decided to lose a bit of weight so I can start running again. But guess what?

The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I've Started It

The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I’ve Started It:

I made a bit of effort, done a bit of jogging and joined up at a gym but then I noticed a whole month has gone by and I am still not further ahead! So from this week I have decided to take on the slim fast for 4 weeks (or maybe beyond!?) and write about it here to keep me motivated and focused. Yep, as I started to write this post my Son was eating some KFC chicken before I he goes to work!! Will power has already started!!

Slim Fast Diet And My Dreams To #FeelFabulous:

I am trying out the Slim Fast 3.2.1 plan. What Is The Slim Fast 321 Plan, You might Ask?

The SlimFast 3.2.1 Diet Plan Is Easy To Follow, Simply Eat Something Like This- Breakfast- Meal Replacement | Snack- Under 100 Kcal | Lunch Meal Shakes or Bars | Snack- Under 100 Kcal | Dinner 600 Kcal meal (800 Kcal for men) | Snack- Under 100 Kcal. How hard can it be?

Here are 4 Reasons Why I Have Started The Slim Fast Diet:

1.) I want To Lose Some Weight But Need A Kick Start Plan To Help Me On My Way:

I feel like I need a healthier meal plan routine to help start me, get onto not a diet as such but a healthier lifestyle. If I can follow this plan for a month it will help me get into a routine of stop running to the biscuit tin every 30 minutes and stop snacking on crisps without realising I am doing it!! I am hoping it helps me think more about my next meals and not whilst I am snacking on crappy snacks and sugary treats.

2.) I Feel Heavy When I Run And Keep Injuring Myself:

I really want to lose some weight for my running. When I go out running I can feel my weight that I have gained over the last few years. I get a bit of knee pain now when I run so I really want to lose some wight before I get back into running properly again, so it is not too much weight on my knees. When I run I my knee hurts for a week or so after and I can feel the extra weight pounding down on my knees. Which is not great!!

3.) My Clothes Are Too Tight:

I love my clothes but mostly everything is too tight for me now. I would love to lose some weight so I can get in them comfortably again without having to by a whole new wardrobe. I have so many pretty Summer clothes I want to wear this year!!

4.) Why Slim Fast And Not Any Other Diet?

I have tried a few diets over the years but Slim Fast is one I know will work for me and I love milkshakes so an added bonus. I have been thinking of the Keto diet as I have seen some great results from friends but it would take a bit of research for me to start this and I like things nice and easy!!

I am going to take on the Slim Fast diet for 1 month to see how I go and by this time I hopefully will have lost some weight and stick to my new eating plan.

Slim Fast Diet- 4 Reason Why I Want To #FeelFabulous. Have you tried the slim fast shakes?

The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I've Started It

Slim Fast And Exercise:

As well as going on a diet I am starting to use my gym membership and slowly build up a good exercise routine. This week I have only made it to the gym once so far as typically something always comes up but hopefully by next week I will be into organised. I also want to start drinking lots more water to help me diet as I was always rushing to the kettle for a nice cup of tea or coffee before when I was thirsty. I am trying to cut down on hot drinks and sugar in the first week. Taking my time and doing things slowly as I think this will be the better way to go without wanting to eat crap again.

Slim Fast Diet- 4 Reason Why I Want To #FeelFabulous

The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I've Started It

The Slim Fast Diet And 4 Reason Why I’ve Started It.

Stop by again next week and see how week one went!?

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  1. Joanne says:

    Best of luck to you! I hope it works for you.

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