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The Weekend Blog Hop..

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the weekend blog hop. Happy you are here and hope you have fun hoping around and finding new blogs to read, follow and comment on. If you like the blog hop please be kind enough to link back so others can join in the fun too.

Sorry if you stopped by on Wednesday to join the blog hop!? I was feeling so weak and tired, I just needed a little blog break. Back again now!! Hopefully I will catch up with you all this weekend 🙂

At Christmas I joined in with a twitter party with Foodies 100 and Dr Oetker and to my surprise, I won the grand prize.

You can imagine how excited I was yesterday when it arrive!!

I am still feeling poorly but I can not wipe the smile off my face.

 I can’t wait to feel better now so I can do some baking!!

Onto the blog hop..


List now closed.


17 responses to “The Weekend Blog Hop..”

  1. FABBY'S LIVING says:

    The cupcakes sound great Claire. Hope you are a little more rested too.Thanks for hosting.Hugs,FABBY

  2. Rebecca says:

    Have a great weekend Claire – Stay pretty!Rebeccawww.redtagchiclosangeles.com

  3. Mary says:

    I hope you fell better Claire! I've had a migraine going for a few days. I need to sleep this weekend. Hope you have fun baking!

  4. Tamar SB says:

    enjoy and feel well soon!

  5. Paula Rockwell says:

    Hi Claire..sorry your not feeling well. On the bright side congrats on your win. Now you can make me something yummy lol.Thanks for hosting!

  6. vanity andme says:

    Hope your on the mend Claire! We all need time out sometimes too! Dont feel guilty!. What a lovely surprise winning that lot! Thank you for hosting.Laurie x

  7. Elegance and Mommyhood says:

    You can come bake for me anytime dear Claire. LOLHave a great weekend!

  8. Jennifer (The Hollyhock Door) says:

    Ooh! Looks exciting! I hope you're feeling back to normal soon! This winter seems to have been particularly bad for colds and 'flu. Hopefully some nice warm baking will help! 😉

  9. Betty Manousos says:

    i hope you're feeling well soon, clare! and congrats on winning that lot.thanks so much for hosting.xoxo

  10. The Lazy Gastronome says:

    Great party! Thanks for hosting.

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