The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries

The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries. Hello friends. Happy Friday. How are your this foggy and rainy day?

I have a few days off work and it’s raining!! Typically when I want to get in the garden!!

The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries

The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries:

I love having a dog as we have so much fun together but I do not like it when they get poorly as they cause you so much worry.

Meet Mollie the Border Collie. If you’re a regular blog reader you will know Mollie well. Here she is on Instagram.

She is one of my best friends. We go to most places together.

We walk/run every day and she always is my shoulder to cry on. She is adorable. Always so pleased to see me and makes me laugh every day.

She always makes me smile with how cute and loving she is.

So you can imagine how worried I was last week when we found a lump in her stomach.

The Worries Of Dogs:

I was playing with her and I noticed a lump.

I felt sick when I felt it.

Because quite a few years ago I had a dog called Sadie who died from Cancer.

Sadie had the lumps remover a few times but then she had to be put down as it got so bad and kept returning.

Losing a dog is such an awful time and I feel for anyone who loses one.

Cancer was really my first thought. So I left it over the weekend but it felt as though it got bigger. My worries also got bigger.

Throughout corona-virus I really do not want to go anywhere unless it is an emergency so I email the vets to see what they thought.

The vets were also worried too because they asked to see her later that day.

The Vets Were Great Open And Caring For Animals:

They were great, you simply phoned them up when you arrived and they took Mollie in and you waited outside. So not to have people in the surgery.

It was amazing how many poorly animals needed help. Also, it was great they were open for business.

Mastitis In Dogs:

Thankfully it is just an infection and nothing too serious. She had mastitis as she is due to be in season very soon.

It felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I just need her tablets to start working now and the infection to go or she might have to have it cut out. Bless her.

The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries

The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries:

Yes, that is my husband taking a selfie at the top of the hill. Ha!!

Do you have a dog or any animals?

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The Worries Of Dogs: Mollie The Collie Diaries
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  1. 21 June 2020 / 21:19

    I LOVE Mollie and I am SO relieved to hear that she is ok!
    Beautiful photo as usual Claire!
    Congrats for being one of our Featured Guests at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 27 June 2020 / 16:12

      Thanks so much for the feature lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ Animals are such a worry sometimes.

  2. Patrick Weseman
    14 June 2020 / 04:11

    Glad that Mollie is ok and recovering.

  3. June de Silva
    13 June 2020 / 18:27

    Having always had dogs, I know only too well how worrying and frightening it can be when they have something wrong. After waiting 4 years, we are finally getting another dog! He is a blue Merle Border Collie and I cannot wait until he joins our family, in a couple of weeks!

    • 27 June 2020 / 16:11

      Aww, so lovely. I love the blue Merle dogs too.

  4. Karen, the next best thing to mummy
    12 June 2020 / 09:39

    I have always had a passion for bigger dogs, GSD being my favourite, however, we now have a Jack Russell cross who is a Millwall supporter #pocolo@_karendennis

    • 27 June 2020 / 16:11

      Aww, we keep thinking of having a Jack Russell to keep Mollie company ๐Ÿ™‚

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