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Thrifty Thursday : Mollies New Toy Box..

On Sunday my husband has a rare day off work. What to do on a lazy sunny morning, when the shops are not open?

We decided to go and visit our local car boot sale. I have been asking him for a while to take me as I wanted to buy Mollie one of those cute little kids pop up tunnels. I fancy my hand at a spot of sheepdog agility training!

I thought I might be able to pick a few good things up from the boot sale and cheaper than the shops. 

First stall I came to had this medium round bag for sale, that just looked like the shape of a tunnel inside.

“How much is this?!” I asked

“What is it?” She replied?

I looked puzzled, thinking well it is you who is selling it!!

“Oh I know; it’s one of those tunnel things, Β£2.00” she replied

Perfect I thought, paid her and walked off. What a bargain I boosted to the hubby, no need to look any more!

When we got home, hubby rushed outside to show Mollie what I had brought her.

What is this he shouted?

I got outside to find out it was not a tunnel what I was told it was…

It was a ball pool pit!!

Oh well, Mollie loved it and it Keeps all her toys tidy on the garden!!

My eldest son hates it though, “I will pay you Β£2.00 to chuck it” he told me, haha…

20 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday : Mollies New Toy Box..

  1. Seriously, your dog is the CUTEST pup around with this standing up ears!! I am sure he will enjoy the toy pool no matter if it's not a tunnel! πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha! I remember buying a pop up tent from a car boot sale. It conveniently 'popped up' while I was battling back up the hill in the wind, with a pushchair and toddler in tow πŸ™‚ I hope much fun is had with the ball pool pit. #PoCoLo

    1. Oh no, just when you don't want it to!! I had fun trying to put a pop up basket down the other day, oh my!!

  3. lol, I'm glad she likes it, for the price you paid, I think you got a good deal! ☺️ Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo today too!

  4. Looks a perfect idea to me πŸ™‚ You're so lucky Mollie's not a demented chewer, Stella would have ripped it to shreds in seconds! #pocolo

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