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Too Hot For Jumpers, Too Cold For T-shirts!!

You know when it is too hot for jumpers, and too cold for t-shirts!?!


Well that!!

It has been so mild over the last few days, not that I’m complaining, I am really hoping the cold weather stays away until we can find someone to mend our gas boiler!!

Off to do some shopping in Nottingham at the weekend I decided to wear a nice warm jumper for the mile walk to the train station as it was a bit fresh.

Only thing is the trains/shops/shopping centres are so nice and warm…

You have to keep taking the jumper off then keep putting it on again… 

What I wore~

Jumper ~ Primark

Scarf ~ c/o School Gates Style

Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch

Boots ~ Barratts

Bag ~ Primark

Now the school holidays and inset days are over its back to the gym today…

I have been so lazy for the last week 4 weeks!! 

6 thoughts on “Too Hot For Jumpers, Too Cold For T-shirts!!

  1. It has been lovely having such mild days has't it? But really hard to know what to wear. Mind you I have had to de-ice the car this morning!x x

  2. Our weather has been up and down, it's hard to know what to wear in the morning since it can get hot or rainy by afternoon. I love that scarf and boots; pretty colors!

  3. Beautiful shots! That scarf is so perfect with the sweater. Our weather has been all over the place too….makes it a challenge to dress

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