Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn’t Expecting That!!

Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn’t Expecting That!! Update I Wasn’t Expecting That! blog has merged with Claire Justine oxox now 🙂

Today I am sharing my Top 10 Posts of 2016 from this food and lifestyle blog, I Wasn’t Expecting That.

First up, I would like to say a big Thank you to all who have stopped by. I started this blog in February 2016 and every week it has got more and more popular.

Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn't Expecting That!!

Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn’t Expecting That!!

So far this blog has has an all time page view stat of 163,137 in 11 months and last month it clocked up; 39, 626 pageviews!!

Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn't Expecting That!!

Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn’t Expecting That!!

So here was 2016 top viewed posts:

Tomato Pops:

Looking for something new to try today? Are you looking for a fun party idea? Something for a children birthday party? Maybe a dinner party with friends?

A get together with family? Or a Summer, Christmas or Easter party buffet tea? Maybe even a picnic in the park?

How much fun are these Tomato “Pops”!? Suitable for all occasions.

Make your party go pop with these Tomato Pops!!

If you’re looking for fuss-free inspiration that looks amazing, these juice-filled flavour bursts are the perfect colour pop addition to any buffet. Tomato Pops.

Cheese, Pickle And Potato Pie: Autumn Comfort Foods:

Love homemade pies? Fancy trying this Cheese, Pickle And Potato Pie?

Today I am sharing a step by step guide. How tasty!? Cheese Pickle Potato Pie.

Pressure King Pro Review: A Cool Kitchen Gadget:

{#Gifted #Review}

Over the last few days, I have been trying out a newly launched pressure cooker. The Pressure King Pro from High Street TV.  

Described as an incredibly compact kitchen sensation that cooks perfect meals at the touch of a button! Pressure King Pro Review.

Persimon® Star Scones: Great For Afternoon Tea:

Persimon® Star Scones.

This is an easy, homely way to serve Persimon® – chopped up in a simple scone recipe, then served with Persimon® conserve and clotted cream. Persimon Star Scones.

Pressure King Pro Recipe: Chilli Con Carne:

Hello and happy Saturday. Are you busy this weekend or having a nice relaxing one?

It was my Birthday a few days ago so I have been off out to spend my birthday money today 🙂

Why is it when you have no spare money you want to buy lots of things, then when you do have some, you do not see anything you like!? Pressure King Pro Recipes.

Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn’t Expecting That!!

A few more:

Star of Valencia Tarts:

These individual sweet pastry tarts (shop bought for ease) are filled with a mixture of ground almonds, orange zest and juice, egg yolks and sugar – with sliced Persimon® arranged in a star shape.

Serve them sprinkled with icing sugar. Yum! Star Of Valencia Tarts.

Summer Gnocchi With Avocado Pesto:

Are you looking for a nice and tasty recipe to try out today?

Summer gnocchi with avocado pesto and tomatoes anyone? A fresh, fragrant and simple summertime dish.

Preparation and cooking: 15 minutes. Summer Gnocchi With Avocado Pesto And Tomatoes.

Queens Crown Cupcakes And Throwing A Street Party Tips:

*Commissioned by Dr. Oetker*

Over the weekend I have been working with Dr. Oetker on a really fun baking project. I am so excited to finally share my post.

I have been making cupcakes to celebrate The Queen’s Birthday. I am also sharing my top tips on throwing your own Street Party.

Having 4 children I have had to become a dab hand at organizing parties. I certainly don’t need any excuse to make yummy cupcakes! Queens Crown Cupcakes.

Queens 90th Birthday Cake:

Over this weekend The Queen is celebrating her 90th Birthday. A great reason to bake a yummy cake!!

A Queens 90th Birthday Cake Made By Me. A Queens 90th Birthday Cake Made By Me : #Queenat90

Have You Heard Of Mister Berwyn?

It is a brand new homeware and gift brand creating cheerful British made products for happy homes.

How sweet are their designs? Have You Heard Of Mister Berwyn?

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Top 10 Posts Of 2016: I Wasn’t Expecting That!!

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