Trip To A Farm To See The Llamas: My Sunday Photo

Trip To A Farm To See The Llamas: My Sunday Photo. Happy Sunday friends. So today I am sharing a photo from our half-term school holiday week. We have also had a fun week with a few ups and downs and some great days out.

So this is a photo we took at a local farm which we visited this week.

My Daughter has loved llamas for over a few years now. We even tried to spot some once but they were just too far away. You can read the post here: Llama Spotting At Attenborough Nature Reserve.

When we did try to find some I nipped into a local supermarket where the girl on the till asked me what I had been doing today. I told her we had been on the hunt to find some llamas as my Daughter loves them.

She told us to visit White Post farm as she used to work there. Life gets in the way of plans, then Winter but last week we decided to go and visit the llamas.

Where is White Post Farm? White Post Farm, Mansfield Rd, Farnsfield, Newark NG22 8HL

Trip To A Farm To See The Llamas: My Sunday Photo

Trip To A Farm To See The Llamas: My Sunday Photo

We were not disappointed, there were lots of them. So I will be sharing the photos next week. Today I am just sharing the one as his/her story I would like to hear the most.

I wonder? Is this llama a boy or a girl? Why was he in a field on his own? Why was he just walking up and down in a rush all day!?

Do you know how you sometimes make your own stories up in your head?

Hopefully not just me!

So, think this llama is a boy, I think he might be a ladies/llama man or have a girlfriend in the next field and he was watching that no other llama went close to her?

Haha, he was adorable but in a world of his own pacing up and down.

I wonder what he was thinking?

So what do you think?

Trip To A Farm To See The Llamas: My Sunday Photo.

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Trip To A Farm To See The Llamas: My Sunday Photo
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  1. 1 March 2019 / 22:15

    There’s a llama farm near us but it isn’t open to the public. I think they breed llamas to sell them to other people!

    • 2 March 2019 / 16:39

      Aww it is a shame the children can’t visit them.

  2. susankmann
    27 February 2019 / 11:28

    Aww he’s very cute. Look at his wee face xx #sundaysnap

  3. Ruth
    24 February 2019 / 17:49

    Aww so sweet

    • 27 February 2019 / 11:30

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  4. 24 February 2019 / 15:10

    I often think up stories too; my kids will narrate out loud if there are multiple animals and they are acting funny.

  5. 24 February 2019 / 14:09

    Beautiful photos Claire, I too make up stories, normally rather funny and my kids take the mickey! Lol. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • 27 February 2019 / 11:28

      Thanks Jacqui. It is fun making up your own stories, isn’t it πŸ™‚

  6. sarahmo3w
    24 February 2019 / 11:25

    What a lovely photo. I bet he’s a male being kept away from all the ladies until the time is right.

    • 27 February 2019 / 11:28

      Ha! I think this too Sarah πŸ™‚

  7. RaisieBay
    24 February 2019 / 10:27

    Llamas are really lovely creatures, we saw two close up on a visit to Devon last year, they were called Olaf and Sven, I guess influenced by the film Frozen.
    I’m glad you got to see one close up, the photo is lovely,

    • 27 February 2019 / 11:19

      They are lovely, aren’t they. So glad we eventually got to see some πŸ™‚

      • Mary @ Over40andamumtoone
        27 February 2019 / 16:57

        I’m guessing he’s a boy. We love them too #sundaysnap

        • 28 February 2019 / 14:22

          Hehe, thanks Mary πŸ™‚