Twister Rave Skip It: Review

Twister Rave Skip It: Review. Hello friends. How are you today?

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Twister Rave Skip It: Review

Twister Rave Skip It: Review

This morning me and my daughter have been reviewing Twister rave skip it. We also had lots of fun at the park trying to master the moves.

This game comes from one of the biggest toy companies in the world – Hasbro gaming range.

Twister Rave Skip It: Review

About Twister Rave Skip:

The longer you go, the more you’ll glow with this fun Twister Rave Skip It game.

Simply put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip-It while you hop over it.

To keep it going you have to move your foot forward and backwards. The colours glow as you skip, and when all 4 colours glow, you’ve made it.

With 4 colours and more than 20 light patterns, you can light it up to level up with Twister Rave Skip It.

Once you stop moving, though, you go back to the start and try again.

What My Daughter And I Thought Of The Game:

We were looking forward to trying the Twister Rave Skip It out as it was not a game we were familiar with.

Anything that has the word Twister in gets my daughters attention straight away as she loves the original game but then again who does not?

First thing first, we open the game and placed our batteries inside (requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included).

Then we found somewhere flat with plenty of room to move. The park was the best choice for practising, the sun was out and plenty of room!

Fun on the park with a new toy

Twister Rave Skip It: Review

Up first mum, I needed to try so I could show my daughter what to do and who would not want a piece of the fun!?!.

I placed it over my foot, so glad the hoop is adjustable to go over bigger feet too.

After my first go, I thought I’m too old, I will never get it. After 5 goes I was on a roll, it was really fun once you got it going around.

I found it work best with my leg moving forward and backwards, it really helps you get into the swing of things.

My daughter simply placed the hoop onto one leg and swung the Skip It around. She took a little longer than me to master it.

For some reason she had it in her mind to run forward to so it took a little time to get the thoughts in that you stand in the same place.

One we master it we felt like we had done a workout, so home for a rest before we go out later for round 2. Soon we will be ready for competition time!!

You need a little coordination for this game, which does come in time, even for someone my age.

We had so much fun!! Not to mention how many laughs we had. Well worth the price.

Twister Rave Skip It: Review

What You Need To Know:

The game is light up skipping fun

Rave Skip It lights up in 4 colours as you swing it and hop over it.

Not to be used in complete darkness.

20+ light patterns.

3 AAA batteries required (not included)

Only use on flat surfaces.

Don’t stop or the Skip It resets.

Coordinate your leg speed with the speed of the swing.

Only to be used around the ankle, never use on arm.

Age range 6-14 recommend.

RRP : £19.99

A new toy to try out

Twister Rave Skip It: Review

About this post: I was sent the Twister Rave Skip-It game for the point of this review. All thoughts are my own honest opinion and I was not paid for this post.

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Twister Rave Skip It: Review

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  1. Margarett Murphy
    28 April 2014 / 18:15

    That looks like fun..and a good work out too !!!

    • Clairejustine oxox
      29 April 2014 / 08:55

      hehe, thanks… it is lots of fun 🙂

  2. Kezzie
    27 April 2014 / 19:51

    Skipits were the HEIGHT of playground cool when I was in Year 5!!! I had a yellow hoop with a purple bell ball at first and then I got the much coveted Counter-skipit (it counted each spin you did) for Christmas that year!!! Mine was pink and I loved it!!! Funnily enough, I think someone blogged about Skipits recently saying they are really fun way of exercising and it stayed in my mind as I bought a cheapie one in Poundland recently and it's sitting by my front door- I can only do it with my right foot!!!! This one is groovy!!!! x

    • Clairejustine oxox
      28 April 2014 / 06:58

      Thanks for the comment Kezzie, I love anything to help me get fit, so this will be great fun for me and my daughter to do together 🙂

  3. Elegance and Mommyhood
    27 April 2014 / 17:00

    OK, I'd probably break both of my legs and fall on my face with that skip-it game. But good for you ladies for giving it a spin. =)Ohh and I did link to your fabulous Accessories Link up. I love all of your blog hops. Thanks for hosting Claire. =)Hope your Sunday was wonderful!

    • Clairejustine oxox
      27 April 2014 / 17:10

      Aww you would be ok, hehe so much fun 🙂 thanks for linking up, stopping by now … ..

  4. The Dainty Dolls House
    27 April 2014 / 13:40

    This is brilliant, I remember having something like this as a child. I didn't know they still had something like it. I'll have to get one for my girls soon!! Thank you for visiting my blog doll, I hope you come again soon. Have a marvellous new week to come!! Kizzy xx The Dainty Dolls House

    • Clairejustine oxox
      27 April 2014 / 17:09

      Aww thanks for stopping by 🙂