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Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist: Christmas Baking

Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist: Christmas Baking.

Merry Christmas.

Love mince pies?

Are you looking for something a little different this year?

Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist

How about these Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist?

How To Make Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist:


200g self raising flour

100g cornflour

Pinch salt

100g icing sugar

Grated rind of 1 small orange

200g butter

Iced water

Jar good quality mincemeat

Tub cream cheese

Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist
Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist


1.) Preheat the oven to 200c.

2.) Mix the flour, cornflour, salt, icing sugar, orange rind and butter into a fine breadcrumb.

3.) Add a little iced water to make a dough.

4.) Chill for an hour.

5.) Roll out the dough and cut 12 circles then line a 12 hole ProCook Non-stick Bun Sheet.

6.) Fill each with 2-3 tsp mincemeat and 1 tsp of the cream cheese.

7.) Cut 12 more circles for lids and top the pie bottoms.

8.) Pierce the lid then bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.

Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist

What do you think of these Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist?

Do you fancy trying some?

Recipe and photo credit by- Procook

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3 comments so far.

3 responses to “Ultimate Mince Pies With A Twist: Christmas Baking”

  1. April Westerhold says:

    I have never had mincemeat. What is it? Where would it be in a grocery store?

  2. Hi April, mincemeat is dried currants raisins etc in a sauce, it is very popular here in the UK 🙂

  3. passion fruit, paws and peonies says:

    Cream cheese is a new twist to me! I can imagine that works brilliantly! xx Maria

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