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Up-cycled Girls Shorts, A Necklace And What To Do With A Pinchy Bracelet…

With this month’s crafty parcel challenge from Bostik and Tots 100 we have gone all girly. 

When I was wondering what we could make this month my daughter was putting on her jeans. “Mum they are too short” she shouted. “Try another pair on” I replied. ‘These are too short too’ !!

All of last years jeans were too small (lucky I had just brought her some new ones). 

I know, we can cut the legs off to make shorts, I told her. She just gave me that look and walked off into the room. 

Off I went upstairs chopped off the legs half way up, rolled them over a few times for effect and sprinkled beads and sequins over. The shouted her upstairs. 

Wow she said, these look great…

Yeah, I finally got her attention…

But it was left to mum to sew them all on.

I have had this bracelet years now but for some reason, it pinches the hairs on my arm and sometimes my skin. It is so uncomfortable to wear I simply stopped wearing it altogether. I think it catches around the 2 bits pointed out below so I did something that has stopped it pinching…

I simply screwed a bead onto the bottom on added a few charms, another bead and screwed another one onto the top on. So far so good, not pinching….

And my daughter made and designed her own necklace…

About this post-

We got send a lovely parcel of fun things to share our crafty work. All thoughts on the post are my honest opinion and I was not paid for this post…


6 responses to “Up-cycled Girls Shorts, A Necklace And What To Do With A Pinchy Bracelet…”

  1. Elegance and Mommyhood says:

    You are so good and creative Claire. Loving all the shorts (and the skirts for your daughter, in the previous post) that you made. I also super love that bracelet – my favorite. Charming and cute (pun intended on the 'charm').

  2. Margarett Murphy says:

    Arr bless …she is so creative…just like her mother !!!

  3. Kezzie says:

    You are fab!!! Love what you did to her jeans (she has really nice coloured ones by the waY!) The necklace is pretty cool too!x

  4. Clairejustine oxox says:

    Aww thanks Kezzie 🙂

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