Up-cycled Jack Daniels Bottle : Flower Vase…

I love to up-cycle, recycle and reuse old things. 

Especially easy things like jars or bottles. 

You can really have fun turning an old bottle into something different. Perfect for candles, flowers or something similar.

Yesterday I had a lovely bunch of flowers bought me for an early birthday present that needed a nice small vase. 

I thought how perfect the would be for my empty Jack Daniels bottle. I of 3 which I had waiting in the shed to be up-cycled. Good job I kept them now!

Yes, I have been collecting them for months and waiting for the perfect idea to come along. 

Up-cycled Jack Daniels Bottle: Flower Vase:

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Wash out and dry an old bottle.
  2. Decorate to suit your mood.
  3. Pop some water and fresh flowers inside.

How pretty are my flowers?

I love the pink and yellow combination.

What do you think of my new flower vase?

I think it looks really pretty. I am glad I used it for my lovely bunch of flowers.

So fun and easy to make.

Now, what shall I do with my other two Jack Danniels bottles?


6 responses to “Up-cycled Jack Daniels Bottle : Flower Vase…”

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    I love how you reuse your Jack Daniels bottles. I have to say they are far too pretty for the recycling bin. I loved your soap dispenser idea, fairy light and now as a vase. You are so creative. A good excuse to buy some more whisky, in case one was needed! Thank you so much for joining me for #Trash2Treasure

  2. Margarett Murphy says:

    What a great idea!

  3. Jess says:

    Such a neat idea! :)Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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