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Up Fashioned Ruby Slipper Style Glitter Shoes

Have I created the perfect pair of shoes?  “No”

Have I created the perfect ornament?  “yeah!!!!”

I love love love this pair of shoes, think Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz’s shoes with heels!!

But this was a pair I brought years ago from the car boot sale that don’t fit….

I brought these shoes cos the were brand new, I didn’t really like them but for a Β£1.00 and new they were a bargain.

I might have liked them , if they fit but…

I got them home but they were to small.


For years in the garage…

Ahh “these can be my modge podge glitter shoe test pair right!!” “I thought”

Modge podge, glitter, a wilkhow tutorial and a pair of unused shoes, simple eh?

Oh and some red nail polish to change the brown bit at the toes…

Might not fit me but they look amazing on my widow, catching the sunshine and shining glitter..

Great for a photo shoots though!?!

19 thoughts on “Up Fashioned Ruby Slipper Style Glitter Shoes

  1. Hi Claire yes they do remind me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! I hope you enjoy these new red shoes of yours!Julie

  2. Aren't you clever and creative…they also remind me of The Wizard of Oz. Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!!

  3. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home. C'mon Toto!" Sorry, had to get that out of my system. LOVE these!!! #AllAboutYou

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