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A View To The Bridge From The Train….


30 responses to “A View To The Bridge From The Train….”

  1. einfachtilda says:

    Tolles Foto, geniale Bearbeitung.LG Mathilda

  2. Cheryl says:

    Interesting shot!

  3. Madge Bloom says:

    Love your shot! Sorry I been so quiet these last couple weeks, I’ve been really ill (now finally diagnosed with Whooping Cough) and have had a very rough week. Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #31.

  4. Judy Haughton-James says:

    Very beautiful and interesting shot Clairejustine!

  5. Michelle says:

    Pretty photo, love the colours!

  6. bod for tea says:

    Ooo that's a clever shot, love the way the colours combine to make a surreal picture 😀

  7. BavarianSojourn says:

    Very clever! Love reflection shots! 🙂

  8. Mummy Vs Work says:

    Wow, clever picture!

  9. Susan Hetherington says:

    Reflections on an interesting journey

  10. pinkoddy says:

    That is a very interesting picture.

  11. Claire McLean says:

    clever picture, it got me to stop and look really closely. x

  12. Ghostwritermummy says:

    Ooh, ghostly. No matter how much I look though, I can't work it out!XxX

    • Clairejustine says:

      Its a bridge but the refetion of the inside train is over it,the red is the chair and the black is the newspaper 🙂

  13. Domestic Goddesque says:

    I love your pictures: very creative!

  14. Coombe Mill says:

    An amazing collage of colour and reflection. Well done on an inspired photo

  15. TheBoyandMe says:

    Gosh that's confusing but once you figure it out it's really interesting. Good capture.Thanks for linking up

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