Visit Blackpool Competition: Blackpool Tower Made Of

Visit Blackpool Competition: Blackpool Tower Made Of Shoes. Hello friends.

If you read my blog you will have guessed we all love Blackpool ( if your visiting for the first time hit the Blackpool tags below, to see some of the fun times we have had!!).

I love Blackpool so much as there is so much to do here. What’s not to like?

Visit Blackpool Competition: Blackpool Tower Made Of Shoes.

Visit Blackpool Competition: Blackpool Tower Made Of Shoes:

When I first met my husband we had our first holiday in Blackpool. We have been here every year since, spending honeymoons pregnancies and arguments!! with the locals… 

The ever present backdrop of the Tower, Three piers, Rides and Mooky evokes a special place in all my families hearts..

Visit Blackpool Competition:

Sometimes I think I surf the Internet without even reading?  As yesterday a page I had seen before (and obviously not taken in) I noticed the Tots 100 are holding a competition to become a Blackpool Ambassador It ends tomorrow!!

How have I not seen this before? 

Wake up Claire!! 

So quick thinking I put the gym on hold, (because this is far more important!!) to think of a way to make a Blackpool tower ( sorry kids, you were at school, we can make one at the weekend).

So today I am sharing my love of shoes to come up with my love for Blackpool and here it is…

Not sure which picture is best? You can decide for me because I love them both 🙂

Visit Blackpool Competition: Blackpool Tower Made Of Shoes:

This post was like a workout at the gym, lifting shoes down from my bedroom = (weight).

Running up and down stairs every time for a birds eye view = (treadmill run).

About This Post- “This post is an entry into the Tots100/VisitBlackpool competition”

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Last but not least, when we go on holiday we love to walk for miles, run, and scooter (me and my daughters new hobby together). So much fun and miles of beach.

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