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Water, Water Water: Weekly Fitness Post

Water, Water Water: Weekly Fitness Post. I keep trying to drink more water lately. This one is a hard on for me. Especially in Winter because I find water so boring and cold.

( Give me a nice warm drink of tea, coffee or hot chocolate any day!!)

Just lately I have been trying to drink more. I have been aiming for 4 glasses a day to start with. Nearly getting there!! Not bad to say I never really drink plain water 😁.

Water, Water Water: Weekly Fitness Post

I have also started back at the gym a few weeks ago and getting back into a nice routine slowly. Only the exercise classes at first, my favourite being spinning!! Once I can walk every week after a few exercise classes I will try something different. At the moment everything hurts the day after exercise. Especially as I am doing a run streak and I run a few miles every day.

Love my spinning classes.

Last week’s exercise:


30 Minutes boot camp

45 Minutes spinning

2 Miles run

30 Minutes bike ride

Tuesday :

4 Miles run


2 Miles run

Thursday :

3 Miles hill reps/run


2 Miles run


3 Miles run


1 Mile run

Do something that your future self will thank you for!!

Last week’s exercise:


2 miles run


30 Minutes pure leg bums and tums

30 Minute dance aerobics 

5 Miles run


2 Miles recovery run


Spinning class
3 Miles running


Spinning class

2 Miles run


3 Mile Parkrun


2 Mile run

My favourite sport, running. Just wish I was a better runner.

Miles ran this week 19

Runstreak Day #Day22

Plans for the next few weeks:

Water, Water Water: Weekly Fitness Post. Do you drink enough water?

Share your tips here if you do.

Do you find it hard work to workout in Winter?

Or do you prefer to workout when it’s cold in Winter? rather than when it is too hot in Summer.

What are your exercise plans for the next few weeks?

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8 responses to “Water, Water Water: Weekly Fitness Post”

  1. Dazee C. says:

    Well Clairejustine, I am doing better with my healthy routine. I am working on drinking more water, and am doing pretty well as I do love water with a hint of lemon. Yes, I find it very hard to workout in winter. It has been so gray and gloomy here in Missouri for the past couple of weeks. I get up early so that I have quiet time, and that way I get to see the sun come up in the east. We recently purchased an elliptical bicycle and I do love it more than my treadmill. It has helped so much in my recovery from my knee surgery. My plans for the next few weeks are to continue to do what I am doing and to hold myself accountable to it, no excuses!

  2. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    Good for you! You're getting it done!

  3. Tamar SB says:

    Well done you! I need to up my weighs this week – been slacking and only doing cardio!

  4. Julia Nyanyo says:

    Have you tried hot water instead of cold? When I tried to cut my tea consumption down a bit I found switching it to cold water was impossible, but hot water is actually quite nice. You still get all the comfort this time of year of a mug to wrap your hands round. Sometimes I go a bit mad and put a slice of lemon in their too #livinglarge

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