Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine.

Sunday already! The weekend is nearly over for another week. Time to plan some meals for the week ahead then.

I have never really meal planned my week before, until now. I have always kind of make it up as we go along. Rushing around on the day for something for dinner or using up bits and bobs we already have in when I do not want to go shopping.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine

Now my Daughter has been diagnosed with the coeliac disease we need to plan ahead.

Every meal, every day and every week needs to be carefully planned out.

Some days I still fail miserably as she always likes to have a choice already in the fridge too.

I am getting there though.  Even if it feels like one step forward, one step backwards sometimes.

Making sure we have plenty of Gluten-free dinners, lunch box food and treats in.

Gluten-free foods are not something we can just pick up from the local shop.

Also, they are more expensive so you can not just go out and buy a lot at one.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine

Trying to get healthier meals planned a week in advance so as not to find it hard to think of something on the day.

Also making sure our meals are gluten-free or having something extra gluten-free for my Daughter dinner.

We have been buying a lot of our dinner ideas from Lidl lately.

They have a nice selection of meat all at a good quality and all labelled Gluten-free.

Perfect for us all having the same dinner together.

One less thing to stress about.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine.

Here is our meal plan for this week:


A nice big chicken dinner. We nipped out and filled our fridge up with gluten-free meat yesterday so planning our meals for this week is not hard at all. I have brought a big chicken for dinner tonight so we have some leftovers for Tuesday lunchbox sandwiches. Planning ahead again.


Nice fresh burgers for dinner after the running club. As my Daughter is gluten-free she will be having cob-less burgers with a nice cheese salad and maybe some cold pasta salad.


Chicken Korma and chicken tikka masala. You can buy some gluten-free sauces for this meal so we have some chicken breasts and I will be making this meal up. With brown rice and popadoms, methinks.


Meatballs in a nice bolognese pasta sauce. Extra onions and garlic to warn of the colds.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine


It is now Autumn so a nice meal to warm us up. Shepard’s pie, yum yum. A nice Autumn Winter staple that I can also make up Gluten-free so no juggling two different meals again. Served with a colourful vegetable mix.


Pizza night. We have found a nice gluten-free pizza that my Daughter likes but we are also planning on making our own. We want to make bread and pizza bases. Up to yet, we have the simple things like gluten free bread flour, eggs and butter, we just need to find a gluten-free yeast!


A nice Sunday dinner with mashed potatoes, veggies and roast and new potatoes.

***Wednesday or Thursday night meal might be swapped around as we have just found a nice gluten-free chip shop night at a local chippy. My Daughter does not have to miss out on chippy chips anymore!! Thinking about it Wednesday might be a good night to have the chippy chip as we will be out all day at the hospital. Let’s just hope she feels like chips after we have a day of finding out more about her disease.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine

Another thing my Daughter does not have to miss out on anymore.

Homemade muffins. They taste so yummy, gluten-free.

Weekly Meal Planning: Creating A Easier Routine. What meals are you planning for the ahead?

Please do not tell me if you’re having a nice meal at a Chinese Restaurant!!

That is one meal I am really, really missing since my Daughter has been diagnosed.

Once one of my eldest boys come home to look after them for the evening, I am dragging my Husband out for a meal!

I can’t wait…

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  1. Debbie Roberts - Debs Random Writings
    13 October 2017 / 14:57

    Hi Claire, I sometimes (not often) manage to plan three days of meals, but that's usually happens as I am shopping, but then none of us have special dietary needs. Like you used to, I tend to cook whatever is in the fridge/cupboard/ freezer. It never occurred to me that fish and chips contain gluten, until I thought about it, of course it's in the batter!Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.XX

    • 16 October 2017 / 20:21

      Thanks for stopping by Debbie. Yes and the chips that do not contain gluten have been cooked in the same oil so it contaminates them with Gluten. I am so pleased they do gluten free nights 🙂

  2. Jayne SMABL
    10 October 2017 / 17:48

    What a great meal plan! I'm coming around yours haha! I'm so glad that you are getting to grips with the whole gluten free food planning. It's nice that you have enabled your daughter to still have a nice variety at meal times too :)Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Hope to see you next week x

    • 16 October 2017 / 20:17

      Thanks for hosting and stopping by Jayne 🙂

  3. Kirsty Hijacked By Twins
    10 October 2017 / 16:39

    Sorry to hear about your daughter but I am sure you will do a great job with her meals! Loving the meal plan, everything sounds delicious and wow the chicken dinner looks EPIC! Thank you for joining in with #MealPlanningMonday x

    • 16 October 2017 / 20:17

      Thanks for stopping by Kirsty and hosting. I have only just been shopping today so not organised this week to join you.

  4. Kate, Meals and makes
    10 October 2017 / 07:42

    Sounds like a delicious week! Some great ideas for people who need to be gluten free too. #MMBC

  5. Pinkiebag Pinkiebag
    9 October 2017 / 20:14

    Hi, love the flexibility in your meal planning especially around the gluten free fish and chip night, I love Meridan free from curry sauces #MMBC

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:59

      Whoo I will have to look for this one, thanks 🙂

  6. Coombe Mill
    9 October 2017 / 19:11

    Glutin free does take some thinking about, looks like you are coming up with some lovely recipes #MMBC

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:59

      Thank you Fiona, we are getting there 🙂

  7. Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    9 October 2017 / 12:50

    Hang in there, it will get easier!! I didn't know yeast had gluten in it! Your meals sound good. I like meal planning when I can!

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:58

      I could only fin one yeast in the supermarket the other day Heather, and it said contains wheat 🙁 I need to look around now. Got my bread flour ready 🙂

  8. Catherine @ Story Snug
    9 October 2017 / 12:07

    I find that cooking gluten free main meals is easier than snacks and treats. A gluten free chippy night sounds awesome. I wonder if many chippies do that.#MMBC

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:56

      Thank you Catherine, yes me too. I find lunch boxes the hardest work 🙁

  9. Cheryl Pasquier
    9 October 2017 / 11:45

    I'd never thought about meat having gluten in it. Sounds like homemade Chinese fakeaway is the way to go 🙂

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:49

      Thank you Cheryl. I am going to look into homemade Chinese next 🙂 Most meat is gluten free other than sausages I think but I do worry about cross contamination that a lot of businesses have been emailing me about when I ask them. It is good if you can can get it with g/f on the label 🙂

  10. Cheryl
    9 October 2017 / 09:29

    Big change in planning. I can imagine it feels like you're on the learning curve at the moment. I'm sure it will all come second nature before long. I'm very impressed that your local chippy does a GF evening. Now you just need to convert the chinese restaurant to the same thinking. #MMBC

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:46

      Thank you Cheryl. It is getting a little easier, we are getting there. thanks for stopping by.

  11. Carol @Comfort Spring Station
    9 October 2017 / 08:28

    Here in US there are lots of GF options in the store. Good luck with meal planning – sounds like a tasty week. I've never made shephard's pie. I need to find a good recipe as it looks delicious! #MMBC

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:33

      Thank you Carol. I hear it is a lot easier to buy Gluten free things over there. My Daughter mentions it a lot on restaurants too.

  12. Tamar SB
    8 October 2017 / 19:15

    I'm surprised GF items aren't so easy to find! Here they are everywhere and things like sauces are just usually naturally gf. I know some GF folks in the UK – and they are always sharing how much they can find!

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:32

      Thanks for stopping by Tamar. Even thought a lot can appear gluten free, when I email the companies to ask them, they say they can be made in a factory where gluten is used so there is a chance of contamination 🙁

  13. Kim Carberry
    8 October 2017 / 17:56

    Good luck with the meal planning…It sounds like you are very organised and have came up with some great ideas for your daughter x

    • 10 October 2017 / 09:30

      Thanks Kim, I am good as long as I plan ahead now 🙂