Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Hello everyone. IT IS Friday!! Yeah!! Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Thanks for hopping on by again today.

Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the weekend blog hop. Happy you are here and hope you have fun hopping around and finding new blogs to read, follow and comment on.

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop

Been a busy week here. I think most of my photos this week involve food!! Love food here. It is all I think about!! LOL!! Pictured above and clockwise:

Firstly, Making Cake. We love making cakes. Do you too?

Secondly, Blueberry Smoothie. Smoothies are another favourite thing to make. My husband brought me lots of fruit yesterday to help me get my vitamins in. I love smoothies, especially ones with bananas in it. You can find this smoothie recipe here: Creamy Blueberry Smoothie.

Thirdly, Queen Bee Cake Stand. I love my new cake stand. How sweet is it? It even has a Queen bee in the middle of the plate and a huge glass dome. Last week House Of Fraser asked me if I would like to pick something from their Kitchen Accessories range to review. It just so happens I was in the middle of decorating my kitchen and I was on the lookout for a nice new cake stand. Perfect timing! I adore cake stands and wish I had more room to collect them. Queen Bee Cake Stand.

Fourthly, Blueberries. Love blueberries and they are such a good price at the minute! Don’t ya just love fresh or frozen blueberries?

Fifthly, Spinach Smoothie. Love adding spinach to smoothies. Have you tried it?

Sixth, Yummy Strawberries. Oh so yummy strawberries. Love strawberries too.

Seventh, Bunny Bum Cupcakes: Easter Fun Cupcakes. Making bunny bum cupcakes. How fun are these? Anyone who knows me well will know how much I also love my cakes!! Cupcakes are however my all time favourite things to bake. so yummy. Bunny Bum Cupcakes: Easter Fun Cupcakes.

Eighth, Bananas!! Every time I make a smoothie it always has a banana in them, yummy! Do you add bananas to your smoothies?

Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop

18th March: Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop:

Firstly, Me and Mollie. Us two getting ready for our run. My favourite fur baby runs with me. Me and Mollie have also been getting out running loads this week. Mollie is my favourite furry running partner, ever!! Or should I say walking partner? I run, top speed, Mollie just strolls at the side of me!! Bless her, she is so quick but happy to wait for me too. Me and Mollie.

Secondly, Orange Drizzle Cake. so yummy. You have to try a piece!! Orange Drizzle Cake. You can find the recipe here: Pyrex Cake Dish Review And What I Thought.

Thirdly, Love Beetroot. Perfect for salads. 9 Ways To Add Beetroot Into Your Recipes. Are you trying to add more beetroot into your diet? If so, check out these recipes from the blog. These are cooked beetroot recipes so you save time in making them too. How do you add more cooked beetroot to food? Why not grate some and add it to your salad or try out one of these yummy recipes, below. 9 Ways To Add Beetroot Into Your Recipes.

Fourthly, More Smoothies. Yummy! So this time strawberry and banana.

Fifth, Sports Relief Shopping Bag. Also, how sweet!? Everyone is beautiful! Bella Freud Sport Relief Bag: Exclusively Available In Sainsbury’s. London based fashion designer Bella Freud, has collaborated with Sainsbury’s to create two limited edition canvas shopper bags to raise money for Sport Relief. There are 2 designs one with ‘Girl’ on and this one, ‘Everyone is Beautiful’. Bella Freud Sport Relief Bag: Exclusively Available In Sainsbury’s.

Sixth, New Trainers 🙂 Can’t beat new trainer for helping me get out on a run. What!? How!? Why!?When!?It is no secret that losing weight in your 40’s is hard work. It is a big surprise when you find out you have gained weight over the last few month though! What!? How!? Why!?When!?

Seventh, Park Life. My son running Parkrun. He is so fast!

Eighth, Layering Up. Lots of layers at Parkrun holding the runner’s jackets!

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Firstly, Sherwood Forest: The International Day of Forests. As today is The International Day of Forests, I thought I would share a post that is all about Sherwood Forest. It is such a beautiful forest with lots of fun things to see and do here. The best of all, it is just on our doorstep. Sherwood Forest: The International Day of Forests.

The Day We Went To Visit A Tree Because We Planned It! We have been having so much fun over the holidays and one day we went to visit a tree!! Not just any tree though, a tree we helped to plant. A few years ago I was asked to come along with my daughter’s class at school to plant a few trees. This tree is one my daughter and a few of her school friends planted. The Day We Went To Visit A Tree Because We Planned It!

Healthy Fruit Cocktail Snack. I have started making these yummy treats up in the morning to save me looking for biscuits when I fancy something sweet. How tasty, yummy fruit cocktail. Perfect for snacking on too. Healthy Fruit Cocktail Snack.

Now onto the blog hop. Welcome to the weekend: Grab a cuppa and enjoy reading some great blogs. Thanks everyone for joining me. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 This link has now closed but 3 new blog hops a week, every week!! Why not stop by and join us? Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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    I love blueberries. Thanks for hosting this linky. Have a terrific weekend.

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    Looks like a yummy baking weekend, friend. Cheers to you and Mollie for being so fit and healthy, too!

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      19 March 2016 / 21:18

      Aww bless, thanks lovely 🙂

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    Your week did look yummy! Love your new cake stand too! Have a great weekend!!!

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    Hi Claire! Love the bunny bum cupcakes!Thanks for hosting 🙂

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      Hehe, thay are so yummy and fun to make 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Paula..

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