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What I Wore And A weigh In!!

Morning..Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays?

We have been busy filling our day with fun, exercise, laughter and eating lots of yummy food when out and about. which reminds me, I have my monthly fitness test at the gym this morning!!

I wonder if the old body fat has come down? or if the chips and doughnuts on days out at the seaside over the last few weeks has made it go back up? Why I am feeling so nervous?

It is only a fit test! 

Maybe because I want to improve? and get my body fat down a little, to help with my running. I find it so hard to be motivated for exercise when the children are off school though!

Do you? 1 step forward, then 1 back.

Oh well, here goes! Wish me luck!!

What I wore~

  • Top ~ Charity shop
  • Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Shoes ~ Converse

Don’t you just hate bedding new shoes in? Ouch on the heals..

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17 responses to “What I Wore And A weigh In!!”

  1. Please may I? says:

    Summer holidays when my kids were small was all about having fun and making memories, the perfect summer combination. Hope the fitness test went well. Gosh I think I would be very frowned upon if I had to do one, I'd be a heap on the floor.Loving the new shoes, shame the heels are suffering.X x

  2. Doused In Pink says:

    Summer is a time to have fun and not worry too much about everything else! Hope your fitness test went well! Those star Converse are super cute!Jilldousedinpink.blogspot.com

  3. Debbie Stinedurf says:

    Good luck! Love this look…the Converse are fabulous!! Just realized I wasn't following you on Instagram…how did that happen??!! Following now…ha!Debbiewww.fashionfairydust.blogspot.com

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Hi Debbie, thanks.. Haha there is so many ways to follow, I didn't know I wasn't following you too , all following now :):)

  4. Antionette Blake says:

    Good luck, I hope you meet your goal. Enjoy the rest of the summer holiday.

  5. Marta C says:

    Sounds like you are enjoying the summer! I love this casual look on you-so effortless but still very stylish!!Martawww.sweatersstripesandsweets.com

  6. Party of 5 says:

    I hope you meet your goal 🙂

  7. Tamar SB says:

    So cute and best of luck with the goals!

  8. Winnie says:

    Our summer hasn't been fun (with the war that's going on at the moment)I LOVE your outfit :)Good luck with you goals

  9. Margarett Murphy says:

    Good luck!!! love the flowers…did you grow them yourself ????

  10. Kezzie says:

    OOoh, pretty Converse! I was not impressed with the scales I jumped on this morning! Good luck with yours!x

  11. Bernadyn Nettles says:

    Love those shoes and I feel the same way about summer, when kids are home, I tend to slack off on a lot of things…too busy having fun and spending time with them!

  12. brummymummyof2 says:

    Good Luck! I bloody love those converse but you are right they do take a while to get them the way you want them? xxx

  13. sharon powell says:

    Good luck! I love those converse x

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