What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top. Happy Saturday, lovelies! So how has your week been?

I have been busy doing nothing and getting nowhere fast! Still buzzing from last weekend away and hypo from all the cakes and chocolate I had eaten! Also a bit of a headache from some sparkly wine. Not like me!! Hehe, wine always gives me a headache but do I learn from it, no!!

It was so good getting back to the gym over the last few days! Weights one day, spinning the next. I really need to get back into a regular routine.

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top:

Experience the enchanting beauty of nature with this “Flowers and Birds Top” from my “What I Wore” collection.

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds. So today I am sharing another outfit from our holiday. Yeah, another rainy day outfit! The rain never stopped all week 🙁

Adorned with vibrant floral patterns and whimsical bird, this charming t-shirt effortlessly merges fashion and art. The top offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. My daughter also picked me this top to wear when I picked her up from her new school this week, as she loves me wearing this one.

Strive Footwear

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top. I have had this top a few years now and love the little birds and roses on it. How sweet? It is so comfy to wear too. It also looks great over leggings. I have been saving it for best. As you do!

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top

Love the style of my new jean too. They remind me of some I had years ago. They are so comfy. Talking of comfy, these sandals are that comfy I can walk for miles in them with no foot pain or rubbing.

You can read my review here: Strive Footwear Review. Strive Footwear Review: Comfortable and Stylish Shoes for All Occasions. Whether you’re running errands, going to work, or dressing up for a special occasion, Strive Footwear has got you covered. Read my review to find out more. Claire Justine is your go-to source for shoe reviews! Strive Footwear Review. So comfy.

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top:

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top.

Let your outfit bloom with grace as you embrace the delightful allure of flowers and birds. Discover a captivating fashion statement that truly captures the essence of nature’s wonders in our Flowers and Birds Top from my “What I Wore” collection.

What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top

Sunglasses and rain!? I think I am hoping it stops raining and the sun comes out.

What I Wore:

  • Top: Years old forgot where I got it from as I cut the label out!
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Sunglasses: Primark
  • Sandals: c/o Strive

So I think this whole look will go with my new bag that my mother in law gave me a few days ago!?

So what do you think of this outfit? Have a lovely weekend. Do you also have anything fun planned?

We are just chilling this weekend and if the sun comes out I will be catching up on washing!!

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What I Wore: Flowers And Birds Top. Thank you so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

Flowered Bag
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  1. Heather
    10 July 2016 / 00:07

    That top is gorgeous, no wonder your daughter loves it!

  2. Happiness at Mid Life
    9 July 2016 / 03:45

    Your top is so pretty!Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon! Alicewww.happinessatmidlife.com

  3. Winnie
    5 July 2016 / 17:57

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the top!!It would go so nicely with one of my white skirts 🙂

  4. dimple khadi
    3 July 2016 / 20:51

    Nice blouse..

  5. Shelbee On The Edge
    3 July 2016 / 16:04

    I love prints with birds on it. Your top is no exception! And that bag is adorable!Very cute weekend look, for sure.Shelbee

  6. Ivana Split
    3 July 2016 / 05:26

    what a cute floral top!you look lovely!

  7. Tamar SB
    2 July 2016 / 22:43

    Fun! I love matching cute, dressy tops with jeans and sandals for a put together casual look.

    2 July 2016 / 14:40

    Pretty floral top and it looks lovely on you along with your sandals. I also love, love that bag!Hugs,FABBY