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What I Wore : Meadowhall Shopping…

I love editing pictures 🙂 do you like the above ones?

On Saturday we went shopping to Meadowhall, after trailing around the shops I eventually came back with nothing new! 

Must be a first for me but nothing caught my eye.

I am so over winter and spring is so close but yet it is still to cold to think of adding anything to my summer wardrobe, yet I do not want to buy winter clothes.

So I saved my hubby some pennies, I am so good to him 🙂

What I wore ~Jumper ~ Primark
Jeans ~ Abercrombie and Fitch
Belt ~ Primark
Shoes ~ Primark

Cool shadow of my youngest son bless him. He will make a great photographer!!

How is your wardrobe looking?

Ready for spring clothes yet?


22 responses to “What I Wore : Meadowhall Shopping…”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Oooh, I like it!! COOL but cosy!!!! xx

  2. Charnele Michel says:

    Great pair of bf jeans !xo,

  3. SarahMummy says:

    I love the way you've edited the photos – they look very retro and cool. Love the colour of your pink shoes.As the weather is quite mild, I'm also ready for spring clothes and have started wearing my Converse instead of my Doc Martens and Uggs!

  4. Emma Iannarilli says:

    Those photographs are really lovely, and your splashes of pink are just fab.

  5. Corinne says:

    You are mental for braving Meadowhall on a Saturday! I remember my mum dragging me around as a child and I was never very happy about the situation!Corinne x

  6. Lindsay Truax says:

    Love the pink shoes. Visiting from Tres Chic fashion.

  7. Iris P. says:

    Those pink shoes are so cute!!! Love the sweater!

  8. Renae of Simple Sequins says:

    Oh Thank you Claire for joining Fashion item Friday! This post is so fun with the two types of photos. I love the collage you have too, for both colors. When I saw the colored version, I went crazy over the pink heels. Yay! Have a wonderful day and weekend and once again "thank you"!!!

  9. Kriss MacDonald says:

    Great outfit. I'm so jealous you can wear cool shoes too. I'm still having to wear winter boots (today was -5!).

  10. Lena B, Actually says:

    Great casual look! Love the pops of pink! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion! ♥

  11. Zarouhi Zaz says:

    You look fab! I know what you mean about not being inspired by anything in the shops right now. I'm just going through my wardrobe to pull out things I've rarely worn to keep me feeling like I'm in something new! #fabfavouritesMama-andmore.com

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