What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit

What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!” Hello friends. So how has your weekend been?

It was my long weekend to work so not done nothing else much this weekend. Apart from eventually clearing out the garage today to make room for the builder to arrive and turn our garage into a dining room.

What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!”

What If Christmas..Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!”

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” ― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Dr. Seuss’s classic figure, The Grinch, is a well-known representation of holiday grumpiness and eventual redemption. This intolerant creature, who lives atop snow-capped Mount Crumpit in the town of Whoville, hates the spirit and happiness of Christmas.

The Grinch, whose heart is “two sizes too small,” schemes to take the Whos’ holiday without their knowledge. His green, hairy exterior, crowned with a characteristic frown, belies a multifaceted persona that is both charming and naughty.

But the Grinch discovers the true meaning of Christmas thanks to the warmth and spirit of a small girl named Cindy Lou Who and the magic of the season. He goes through a touching transformation that appeals to both young and elderly viewers, imparting the priceless lessons of love, kindness, and the joy of giving.

What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!”

All Good Fun:

Sunday was a long and also fun day. I got up early and did a few jobs around the house. I also set of to work for 10 am and it was none stop all day. Finished a busy days work at 4 pm then I rushed home to get changed for our work Xmas meal. I booked a taxi for 45 minutes after I returned home back to work for the party and he arrived 15 minute early. So talk about rushing!!

What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!”

I was trying not to laugh at the taxi driver being a right Grinch about the holiday season, when I was actually wearing my Grinch knitted cosy jumper!! I love it when we can wear our seasonal jumper to work every day throughout December too.

This is one of my favourite seasonal jumpers and I will also be wearing it loads after my week off. Talking of week off, I have a few days booked off work so the builder can turn our garage into a dining room. Eek I can not wait.

How To Style A Christmas Jumper:

I love as they say, ugly jumpers with my plain black work trousers for work and jeans for shopping. I wanted to wear something a little different for our work Christmas meal so teamed it up with a denim skirt, thick black tights and long brown boots. All picked out by my Daughter. How lovely of her!

What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!”

What I Wore:

For a festive Christmas party look that blends holiday cheer with casual chic, pair the playful charm of The Grinch Christmas jumper with a stylish denim skirt.

Opt for a classic A-line or button-down denim skirt that complements the vibrancy of the jumper.

Roll the jumper under or tuck in the jumper partially at the front to create a relaxed yet put-together silhouette. Consider accessorising with a statement belt to accentuate the waist and add a touch of glam.

Complete the outfit with opaque tights, ankle boots, or cute sneakers for a comfortable yet fashionable ensemble.

To raise the look, consider adding some shimmering or festive jewellery, like dangling earrings or a delicate necklace, to balance the casual vibe with a hint of sophistication.

This combination effortlessly captures the joyous spirit of the season while ensuring you’re both stylish and in the holiday mood for the celebration.

What I Wore: Jumper: Primark ( 2018) | Denim Skirt: Primark | Thick tights: Primark | Boots: c/o Marisota | What do you think about my Grinch Xmas jumper?

What If Christmas.. Perhaps.. …Means A Little Bit More!”

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Means A Little Bit More!
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  1. 31 December 2019 / 14:57

    Loving the Grinch jumper 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCorner

  2. Michelle
    8 December 2019 / 22:07

    You look adorable in your Grinch jumper! And congrats on the soon to be dining room!


  3. Heather
    3 December 2019 / 14:39

    I guess now I’m too late. You’re at capacity! I’ll try next week. Thanks Claire!

    • Claire Justine
      8 December 2019 / 18:02

      Hi Heather, aww sorry. I will be more organised on Monday now I know what I am doing ( hopefully :))

  4. Cheryl Shops
    3 December 2019 / 03:12

    The Grinch was always my favorite Christmas special as a child! This sweater is so much fun!
    Cheryl Shops

  5. Maureen
    2 December 2019 / 20:17

    This is such a cute sweater Claire! I love the Grinch and the message behind his story. Our weekend was good. It flew by. We spent time with both sides of the family and just keeping up with all the other chores and errands. Not sure where the time goes but I don’t know if our list of things to do is getting smaller?! It doesn’t seem so. 🙁 Happy Monday and wishing you a great week ahead!


    • 3 December 2019 / 10:18

      Ha, Maureen this just sounds like me. I rush to finish one job and I have more waiting. Glad you had a lovely weekend with family 🙂

  6. 2 December 2019 / 18:51

    Such a fabulous Christmas sweater Claire. Good luck with your dining room. I’ll bet it’ll be fabulous when finished!
    Alison xx

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:17

      Aww thanks Alison. I can not wait for it to be all finished 🙂

  7. 2 December 2019 / 17:48

    That’s a Nice sweater! My hubby always wear a Christmas sweater at Christmas! Good luck with the dining room!

  8. Lee
    2 December 2019 / 17:36

    Such a cute Christmas sweater!!

  9. 2 December 2019 / 16:58

    I wonder if my younger boys are still afraid of the grinch! That is a fun holiday sweater, and it is nice when the work wear is more relaxed: I remember enjoying jeans day at work when I was teaching.

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:16

      Thanks lovely. My kids love Grinch 🙂

  10. Fabby
    2 December 2019 / 15:56

    Love your holiday sweater dear Clairejustine.
    Thank you for hosting for us this week.
    Happy December.

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:16

      Hi Fabby, thanks so much for joining us.

  11. Debbie-Dabble
    2 December 2019 / 15:46

    Thanks so much for hosting each week!

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:15

      Thanks for linking up Debbie 🙂

  12. Kimberly F. Malkiewicz
    2 December 2019 / 15:41

    What a fun jumper! I can’t wait till you get your dining room all set.

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:15

      Thanks Kim, they are here now, I can not wait too 🙂

  13. jess jannenga
    2 December 2019 / 15:17

    Love your sweater! I love that quote as it shows there is more to the holiday than crazy consumerism! We need to think of being with family, enjoying company. Love that your daughter helped with your outfit!
    jess xx

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:14

      Thanks Jess, yes I agree, more family and friends time is always needed, especially at Christmas 🙂

  14. Bojana
    2 December 2019 / 14:59

    I love the Grinch soooooo much so I adore everything about this post. Last year I received a mug that says “I am a GRINCH before coffee” with his smiling face on the other side. Use it all year long. Hahaha. Well I hope the Xmas meal got only better from the taxi driver and onward.


    • 3 December 2019 / 10:14

      That sounds like me in a morning 🙂 I love the sound of your mug 🙂

  15. Heather
    2 December 2019 / 14:39

    What a cute outfit. I love the sweater! I can’t link up either. I will check back later.

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:13

      Thanks for stopping by Heather. Sorry about the linky playing up again.

  16. Ellibelle
    2 December 2019 / 14:32

    Love the sweater paired with the denim skirt. So cute!
    Can’t get the linky tool to work, I’ll try again later!

    • 3 December 2019 / 10:12

      Thanks for stopping by, I think I am going to try a new linky from now on.

  17. Mary
    2 December 2019 / 14:23

    just a heads up, the link up is not working from my end…I dont see any posts added so Im guessing its not working for anyone. Just so you know

    • 3 December 2019 / 11:25

      Thanks for letting me know Mary. I keep having trouble with my host so I am looking into changing it for next week.

  18. 2 December 2019 / 11:56

    Claire, I absolutely adore your Grinch sweater! My favorite Christmas sweater says “Bah Humpug” with the picture of a pug dog. I am trying to stay away from stores as much as possible this Christmas and focus on the more important meaning behind this holiday. Good luck with your dining room!


    • 3 December 2019 / 10:11

      Hi Shelbee, that sounds a great idea. I love being home with family 🙂

  19. Mother of 3
    2 December 2019 / 10:23

    She did a great job picking out your outfit!

    • 3 December 2019 / 09:47

      Aww, thanks lovely. I loved what she picked me out 🙂