Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately. Hello friends, Happy Tuesday, friends. So how are you today?

I keep thinking it is Monday after Easter as I am all mixed up with the days. But it is not and I have work today, so best get a move on!!

Combat jeans or Cargo jeans what do you call them? I call them combat as I remember having some years ago. I think they are called cargo when they have lots more pockets?

So let me know what you think in the comments below:

In a world full of skinny jeans, be a cargo queen.

Cargo jeans: because pockets are a girl’s best friend. With a return to their classic status as a wardrobe must, Denim Combat Jeans have made a huge comeback in the fashion world because to their tough style and urban edge.

Also, I’m loving wearing mine!! Are you a fan?

Denim Combat Jeans | What I'm Wearing Lately

Note from the editor: This post content has been updated and modernised after it was first published in October 2011.

Who needs a purse when you’ve got cargo jeans? Fashion meets functionality.

Are Cargos Better Than Jeans? Cargo are more hardwearing and comfortable. Jeans are more stylish.

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately:

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately.

These jeans successfully combine usefulness and style, appealing to both trend-setters and practical fans with their sturdy construction and utilitarian style.

After all, they are not just a fun style to wear, they are also super comfy. Love comfortable clothing and nothing tight around my waist!!

Denim Combat Jeans, which are popular among streetwear lovers and fashion-forward people, provide a flexible platform for personal expression.

They look great dressed down with a fitted jacket or heeled shoes also, casually worn with a Vintage Band T-Shirt for a more laid-back attitude.

I can not wait to wear mine with my Rolling Stones T-Shirt very soon.

In addition to inspiring a spirit of adventure, their recognisable cargo pockets and reinforced stitching meet the needs of modern life by offering plenty of storage and long-lasting use.

Great for long days out walking in the city or styling up for afternoon drinks with friends.

Denim Combat Jeans are leading the way in the fashion industry’s ongoing embrace of authenticity and flexibility because they represent the spirit of individuality and exploration that appeals to today’s fashion-conscious shoppers.

Denim Combat Jeans | What I'm Wearing Lately

Cargo jeans: where style meets storage.

Am I Too Old To Wear Cargos? No!! cargos look great at any age. Their is plenty of styles to choose from. To suit your own personal style.

How Many Times Can You Wear Cargos Before Washing? I usually wear them 2-3 times before washing. If only chucking them on 10 minutes to go to the shops, then I leave it longer.

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately:

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately.

For those over fifty, Denim Combat Jeans styling can provide a touch of youth and adventure to their outfits without sacrificing comfort or sophistication.

Here Are Some Suggestions For Styling Denim Combat Jeans Over 50:

Also Select A Comfortable Fit:

Select fitted Denim Combat Jeans that complement your best features without being overly baggy or tight.

Try them on, make sure they feel comfortable.

Move around in them, to make sure they fit nicely. Look for a pair that fits well will be comfortable and have a stylish appearance.

Try adding a denim or leather jacket for extra warmth, or layering a lightweight jumper over a collared shirt.

Combine New With Also Traditional Items:

Wear traditional wardrobe pieces like a nice baggy sweater, a fitted blazer or a pristine White Button-Down Shirt to balance the ruggedness of Denim Combat Jeans.

What about wearing a knitted vest or a fitted waistcoat? Try different layering techniques to give your outfit more depth and visual appeal.

To add visual depth and contrast to your ensemble, combine a variety of textures and fabrics.

Carefully Choose Your Accessories:

Carefully Choose Your Accessories:

Enhance your look with pieces that bring appeal without overpowering the whole ensemble. Try a spring scarf, or crossbody bag.

To add personality to your outfit, think about wearing a patterned scarf, a Classic Watch, or a leather belt with a chic clasp.

Select High-Quality Footwear Or Trainers:

To complete your overall look, choose shoes that accentuate the tough style of denim combat jeans. To guarantee all-day comfort and to add a touch of sophistication, choose shoes, casual trainers or leather boots.

I love wearing mine with Reebok Classics. I have some men’s ones and some pink ones that both look great.

Embrace Neutral Tones:

For a sophisticated and adaptable look, style Denim Combat Jeans with a neutral colour scheme. Earthy colours like charcoal, brown, olive, and navy balance the jeans’ rough style and make them easy to pair with other items in your wardrobe.

Give your outfit a unique flair by combining items that showcase your specific hobbies and sense of style.

Accessorise your look with something special, such a vintage brooch, a bold necklace, or your go-to hat. Add you own twist, I need to try with polka dots next, too!!

What I'm Wearing Lately

Can 50 Year Olds Wear Cargos? Yes you can. It is all about feeling confident in your clothes at any age.

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Denim Combat Jeans | What I'm Wearing Lately

Life’s too short to carry a bag. Cargo jeans got your back… and your keys, and your phone, and your snacks.

Are cargos good for walking? Yes they are because they are very comfortable to wear.

Don’t you just love a knitted vest, too? Another classic item that is back in fashion. So what do you think? Are you also a fan?

What I Wore: Coat: Tu Clothing | Tank Top: Primark | Jeans: Charity Shop | Trainers: Reebok Classic

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately:

Denim Combat Jeans | What I’m Wearing Lately.

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  1. 12 April 2024 / 14:40

    I have a couple pair of cargo pants (no jeans) and I have found that I like them when they are not to baggy on me. I do like this pair on you and how you styled them. Comfortable and modern.

  2. 12 April 2024 / 14:25

    Lovely look Claire! Enjoy your weekend and let’s hope it will be a sunny one!

  3. Joanne
    12 April 2024 / 12:01

    I do like this style of jean/pant regardless of what they are called. I wish I had kept onto more of my clothes from ages ago now that so many of them are coming back in style. I guess chances are they wouldn’t still fit the same but I have such fond memories of cargo/combat pants with Doc martins!

    • 13 April 2024 / 12:26

      Sounds like a great look, Joanne. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. carolinaheartstrings
    5 October 2011 / 18:46

    Whata nice blog you have. Found you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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