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What I Wore: Days Out

What I Wore: Days Out.

What I Wore: Days Out

What I Wore: Days Out:

What lovely weather we have been having just lately!?!

Beautiful sunshine..

It felt like summer….then … where did the flurry of snow come from Tuesday? wind Wednesday!?! and it looks like it is going to rain today!

Typical as I have a shopping day planned with my mum.

This is an outfit I wore for a family day out on Sunday in Nottingham. My favourite dress I have had it for years and bright yellow tights, my new favourite thing. 

Lucky I could still move in this dress after a lovely 3 course meal out.

What I Wore: Days Out
What I Wore: Days Out
What I Wore: Days Out
What I Wore: Days Out
What I Wore: Days Out

What I Wore: Days Out

What I Wore~

Hope the sun is shining for the weekend as it is going to be busy busy

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21 responses to “What I Wore: Days Out”

  1. Elegance and Mommyhood says:

    I couldn't agree more about the lovely weather – same here. Love your cute floral dress with the mustard tights! You look so Springy!

  2. Tamar SB says:

    The yellow tights are so fun!

  3. Margarett Murphy says:

    You look nice and summery.

  4. Salma Saquaf says:

    Luckily you could move in the dress after that meal…cute!:)

  5. Claire says:

    cute look! lovely weather indeed!xo,nancyhttp://www.adoretoadorn.com

  6. Kezzie says:

    Hello dress twin!!! You know how much I love this dress since you located me my own one!! Your one is a really hood fit. What a great idea to team it with the yellow tights!!!x

  7. Emma Iannarilli says:

    I love Marge Simpson tights too! You do bright colours so well.#PoCoLo

  8. Elena Peters says:

    Lovely outfit and obviously expandable to fit after that nice meal!

  9. pixiedusk says:

    I love your tights! I will look for this same color (or do they have red?) in Primark when we go there =) #pocolo

  10. Kriss MacDonald says:

    Oh when the sun is out and I'm not off for a walk in the woods then I just have to wear a floral summer dress!

  11. Lisa from @intotheglade says:

    Those tights do look lovely and another fab dress x

  12. Susan Clayton says:

    Love this fresh and fun look.

  13. kid GL loves says:

    The Mother says – What a great outfit. It looks so much fun, especially with the tights and it's good to know that you weren't too 'tight' in it after that yummy dinner. Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  14. Winnie says:

    This little dress is very cute!! And I love the photos 🙂

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